How to Play Volleyball : How to Play Beach Volleyball

Hi, my name’s Addison from Captain Bills and
I’m going to teach you how to play beach volleyball. Beach volleyball is a very common sport, especially,
in the summertime when it’s hot, you’re out on the beach, all you really need is your
bathing suit, a volleyball and an outdoor volleyball net to play beach volleyball. Typically,
beach volleyball is played two on two so you have two people on one side of the court and
two people on the other side of the court. This is very difficult but as you only have
two people to cover the whole area of the court. Also, it’s very difficult to maneuver
in the sand because the sand can be very deep on the beach. It’s hard to run, it’s hard
to dive, and it’s hard to sprint for a ball. Typically, games are played in rally scoring,
where every score is a point, games are usually played to twenty-one. Also, beach volleyball
is a lot like tennis, except for instead of one hit to get it over the net, you get three
hits. So, typically, it’s a bump, a set and a spike and you have to get it over the net
so it’s just like tennis but with beach volleyball, you have to have three hits and the same person
cannot touch the ball twice in a row. Three hits and that’s how you play beach volleyball.

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  1. She serve received with her hands apart. Dude. Please get ur shit off of youtube. You entitled this "how to play volleyball" and the first thing you showed was illegal. You give volleyball a bad name. I hate people like you. For the sake of real players. Delete your "how to" videos. Or at least entitle them "how to play volleyball halfway correct"
    Thank you

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