How to Play Volleyball : How to Do a Pancake in Volleyball

Hey, my name is Addison from Captain Bill’s,
and I’m going to show you, how to do a pancake in volleyball. Pancake in volleyball is, when
you take your hand and put it onto the ground like a pancake, and the ball lands on top.
So when you’re try to do a pancake, what you want to do is, you want to lay all the way
out, extend your body to its fullest ability and try to aim for your hand to be under the
ball, so the ball pops straight up. In indoor volleyball it’s very effective, because you
have a hard ground, and a lot of times you need to sprawl out for a ball, so when you’re
sprawling out for a ball, you want to dive, and like I said, stretch out your body, and
stretch out your arm, and make sure your hand is under, flat on the ground, and underneath
the ball, so the ball pops straight up. And beach volleyball is used every once and a
while, but not a whole lot, because the sand is very unstable, and you can’t get a good,
you can’t get your hand on the ground, and have a flat surface to get up the volleyball.
And that’s how to pancake a volleyball.

19 thoughts on “How to Play Volleyball : How to Do a Pancake in Volleyball

  1. The pankcake is a lazy move. I've been playing vball my whole life and have only seen 2 instances where it was needed. Mainly on broken confused plays, other than that, you should always be able to dig it up. DONT TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO BE LAZY!

  2. oh shut up hes not teaching people to be lazy and actually going down like that on your face is harder than digging good vids man keep them up

  3. in indoor its raelly effective. ive had some pancakes that saved rallies and really make you look pretty bad asslol in sand its not almost useless… it IS useless. i suggest anytime a ball is close to the groun in sand, ball your hand to a fist and just try to get underneath it to pop it back up.

  4. Personnaly, when on the beach I prefer diving in the air and hitting the ball with my fist, then diving in the sand and eating some. I would say it's more effective inside, because if I used the same technique as outside, but inside, I would probably not be here today to talk about it…

  5. My coach taught us how to do the pancake then do like a roll and get back on ur feet in ready position. It's cool and easier to get back up because it goes all smooth and safe

  6. Unless you are doing it for show, you should almost never pancake a volleyball on the beach, the effect is much less than indoors and your partner isnt getting to a ball up only a foot or two. Its called a sandcake and its useful indoors but more a joke or novelty on the beach. and no people it doenst hurt at all, its actually a pretty cool effect since a good pancake (legal) is obvious since the ball bounces like it hit cement (high) as opposed to barely coming up which a good ref will calldown

  7. @xxiheartuxx1901 nah mean, doing it right you feel nothing,, its only done when its tossed in the air light, which, in reality, you should set, so its sued for show

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