How to Play Volleyball : How to Bump a Volleyball

Hey, my name’s Addison from Captain Bills
and I’m going to teach you how to bump a volleyball. Bumping or passing is probably the most important
thing in volleyball; it’s probably the backbone of volleyball. The main thing you want to
worry about is your platform. In order to pass the ball you never want to take your
knuckles and interlock them like this. It can, it’s very ineffective because it can
cause you to hit the ball here which will go out of control. And you can also hurt or
break one of your fingers doing that. So what I do is I take my hands put one on top of
the other and then close them, and then that way I get my platform here on my forearms
which is used to pass the volleyball. When you’re passing the volleyball you want to
make sure it hits between your wrist and your elbow. Never up high and never on your hands.
This is the flattest part of your arms which is your platforms the flattest part which
will give you the most consistent pass. Also in passing you want to bend your knees and
use your legs. It’s not all in your arms. It’s mainly in your legs so when you’re passing
you’re going to get down low, get your butt to the ground and use your platform and also
your legs to guide the ball where you’re passing to. And that’s how to bump a volleyball.

100 thoughts on “How to Play Volleyball : How to Bump a Volleyball

  1. Ehhh I kinda get it i really need to practice bc I'm trying out for high school and I have no clue how to play xP

  2. He mentioned it in the video.

    Part between wrist and crook of elbow, just so you know. The forearm. No higher, no lower.

  3. Dude, don't put your fingers together. You will mess up a lot that way. Just reach out your left arm, and grab your right hand. :^)

  4. i've been heating the ball with my hands or over the wrist for soo long and now they are really strong but less elastic. thanks for teaching this right method

  5. i have been bumping a vollyball wrong.i was playing with a friend and as i threw it to him i had hit my arms and they left really bad at sports…im not happy when we have to play sports at p.e.yet some how,i can play basketball without a problem.its on of the few sports i can play.ok,its the only sport….

  6. We all know how to bump/pass the ball at down position. But the hardest thing to do of all is passing the ball from above without spin the ball at all. How to do that?

  7. how about lets learn grammar….and spelling too. Your coach will kick you off the team if you do not have good grades. I am only 12 in varsity volleyball and 3 people have already been kicked off from thier grades. let's try that c:

  8. finally, I know now how to bump a volleyball. I have been trying to do this right since 6th grade. Right now i'm in 7th. Hehe, btw this is my moms account. I'm not a girl. I am a boy

  9. I suck at PE volleyball. I keep interlocking my knuckles, and then the ball just goes backwards. When I try to do it correctly, either I completely miss the ball (or don’t go for it and my team mates shout at me) or it’s too weak and doesn’t get over the net.

  10. When my class does volleyball in gym I sit out because I sprained both my wrists from properly bumping a volleyball ? and now my wrist hurt a lot when I put pressure on them and I'm on crutches right now so it's really hard cause my wrist hurts most of the time.

  11. It hurts way to much when I do it. I did it properly and somehow sprained my wrist and it didn’t even hit my wrist. And also it literally cuts my arms when I do it.

  12. I just joined my school’s Jv volleyball team and I have no experience what so ever. I just feel so bad about myself because literally everyone knows what they are doing while I don’t. I’m conflicted because I just want to quit but then I also don’t to quit. So all I can do at the moment is cry and try to do better.

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