How To Play Table Tennis – Service Basics

Hi, I am Marcos Freitas,
I would show you some basic serves This serve is initial and the most individual stroke There are many different types of serves which together with several averages create complex combinations It is also the only stroke
that doesn’t depend on the opponent That makes this stroke truly unique And can result in a huge advantage for the server This tutorial is for left handers, for right handers,
use the video as your mirror image Stand close on the table Over the serve can be perform from the forehand side and from the middle on the table most serves are done from the backhand side Your forearm should be leading the action Creating a new space to enable fast forearm movement Note, that when tossing the ball,
the ball must behind the table From most serves, the ball is it close to the body For long serves, the ball contact it is close to the table service Short serves are easier to control by heading the ball at a high stage, close it to the level of the chest The first bounce of the long serve is
close to the edge on the table For the short serve,
the first bounce is near the middle on the table The part of the racket with the ball next contact plays
in important role in creating different types of rotation There are six basic contact points
for different spin variations Heavy backspin Weak backspin, No spin Heavy sidespin Weak sidespin Heavy topspin Weak topspin The exception can also be produced by heading the ball at different stages of the movement While serving, most of the time, the pass of the racket is creating a little shape or combination at a little pattern Heading the ball at different stages of that a little pattern resolve in different types of ball’s rotation Side Spin Topspin The aim is to mess lead to the receiver Recover to the neutral grip
as soon as you complete your serve Investing time and effort to master several good service is the best way to improve your game And the see resolve seen the relative be short appear of time You’ll game need advantage not only at the beginning of the rally but also by dictating the rhythm of the game By improving your serve,
your receiving with also get better You’ll learn have to read the rotation of the ball
and to understand your opponent attention For more information, check out our website Thank you watching And see you next time Spins and Skills Upgrame your game

27 thoughts on “How To Play Table Tennis – Service Basics

  1. Uh this video is very suspicious. Technical explanations are good, but the services are not following the international rules for a correct service. Watch how Freitas hides the ball in his hand and where his free arm is placed when he strikes the ball. This is embarrassing for an official ITTF teaching video!

  2. u must also remove your hand once the ball is struck which this video doesn't show. having hands between the net and the end line results in a fault serve

  3. Great video! Although China has many great players and Table Tennis is the national game, I've never seen any video in such a great quality made in China.

  4. سلام به تمام ایرانی ها
    دوستان من نمیتونم این کلیپ ها رو باز کنم و دانلود کنم
    لطفا راهنمایی کنید

  5. when serving, can the ball be past the sides of the table? i know it has to be behind the backline, but what about the side lines? seems like when ppl toss it up, it goes over

  6. 1. His hand is not flat when throwing up the ball.
    2. The ball is not going straight up, a good umpire would say it's illegal.
    3. His right hand hides the ball mid-air.

  7. Hello, please somebody can help me to put the subtitles on this video, I´ve not managed to get all the speech!!! I need it because I´m getting better my service skills playing table tennis. I´m not a English native speaker.

  8. Marcos freitas is a great player, that is without a doubt. However, i feel he might not be the most suitable player for this video, as the legibility of his serves are at times questionable.

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