How To Play Table Tennis – Forehand Topspin

Hi, I am Marcos Freitas. And this is how you play the forehand topspin. In table tennis, there is no stroke more dominant then the forehand topspin That’s why most players base their entire game on creating situations where they will be able to perform this specific stroke The body position allows the forehand topspin to produce more power than with any other strokes This tutorial is for left handers, for right handers use the video as your mirror image A neutral grip gives you the best advantage The racket should be seen as an extension of your arm The edge of your racket and the line between your index finger and thumb form a straight line Leaving only the width of a finger between your hand and the racket In other words, tilting the racket or gripping the handle too loosely or too tightly we’ll create a different grip Stay one forearm length from the edge of the table Make sure you’re in a stable position with your feet more than shoulders width apart And your right foot slightly in front of the left Bend your knees quite deeply and rotate your torso to the left Your core should be low Your left shoulder is much lower than your right one Drop your hand and racket almost to
vertically down Your hand’s starting position is slightly above and beyond your left knee Your arm is almost straight, your grip relaxed From a coiled position move forward and upward Note the role of the right knee As it is rotating and rising Taking a lot of pressure at the initial stage of the stroke Your hips should be going into the same direction with your left hip leading The same applies to your shoulders. Your forearm accelerates decreasing the angle between fore and upper arm The contact happens in front of the body During the contact your shoulders should form an equilateral triangle The racket is facing the ball Your wrist is closing the angle and
going forward The point of contact is just a little
bit up and further from the center of the racket After the contact The racket continues
to go forward and up reaching the final stage 10 to 20 centimeters in front of your head Your shoulder, hips and legs face the table at the end of the stroke Finally the preparation for the next
stroke starts There are many different types of forehand spin – form of the stroke , distance from the table, joint position and
contact with the ball depends on receiving the ball and the playing style you cannot compete in modern table
tennis without mastering the forehand topspin for more information check out our
website thanks for watching and see you next
time spins and skills upgrade your game

48 thoughts on “How To Play Table Tennis – Forehand Topspin

  1. Very nice video. Would like it if these videos would be published in different languages, so we can show them to the younger players too

  2. Couldn't you like mirror the video in editing for us right handed players and upload it as a private video which is linked from this video's description? That seems a lot easier than mentally mirroring the video as you're watching it.

  3. It doesn't get any better than this, thank you! Also, it's great to have instructions catering for us lefties for a change!

  4. We Need A Right handed version ASAP, they must be really crazy to put a left handed verision where 90% of people are Right handed.

  5. that's what left handers feel in the world , what right handers did to us , forcing us using their tools , most commonly annoying thing is writing the opposite way , and just stop complaining , it just a video

  6. Hey, let us left handers at least once feel that we exist, that we are important too :D, everything in this world is made for right handers ( except for the things that are compatible for both), and here's something for us. Now you'll know the pain that all let-handrs feel watching 99% of video tutorials ( this course being that 1% ) :D.

    PS: Have no problems with right-handers, just joking 😉

  7. I really like that fact that series of tutorials are powered by ITTF, sure you not get a better player watching them, but you you are sure that you learn it in the right way, and is not just someone, don't know who, teaching you playing like he knows. Also the videos are made in a professional manner and sure with professionals. Really great staff.

  8. @2:11 "during the contact your shoulders should form an equilateral triangle"
    I think it should be isosceles triangle ?

  9. Wow, I am shocked that this is for left handers. Finally a tutorial that showcases the left hand!!

  10. I love how right handed people are bitching about the dude being left handed.

    What, can't take the shit we have to go through every day? x3

  11. ITTF has that rare talent of screwing up just about anything it attempts to do – from horrific video quality, fiddling with the rules of the game and even a video on an important aspect of the game rendered in LEFT handed version, with the caveat that the majority i.e., RIGHT handed players should "use the video as a mirror image". We can very well expect caveats for people of different orientation – "For lesbian players, use a…. and for transgender people use ……."

  12. One of the most useless training videos that one can find. I mean forming an equilateral triangle and all that continuous barrage of instructions by some Android to make things look more complex than they are 🙁 c'mon ITTF you can do better.

  13. this is unbelievable.. World table tenis organization ITTF learn forhand topspin in wrong way. most important in this shot is to transport weight of your body from (in this toturial it will be from left foot to right) and the left leg should go to the center and down to the floor during shot NOT right one!

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