How To Play Table Tennis – Backhand Drive

Hey, I’m Georgina Pota and I will show you the Backhand drive Like the Forehand Drive, back hand drives are no longer have the importance and role they once did However, they remain the irreplaceable basics for the players development The drive is a great starting point for a new player to learn the anatomic principles of the game The Backhand drive demonstrated in this video is used much more among women This tutorial is for Right-handers, for left-handers, use the video as your mirror image For the Backhand drive Stand a bit less than one forearm’s length from the table Keep your feet slightly more than shoulders width apart Place your left leg forward Bend your knees, but much less than with the topspin strokes With the backhand drive, your body is in front of the table There is no side movement of the torso as a result of there being less space to exert power. The Backhand is a more controlled stroke The racket is on the level of contact with the ball and your forearm creates a right angle with your upper arm Your grip on the racket should be firm during the whole movement, but the truly firm moments happen during contact with the ball Backhand actions make use mostly of the arm especially the forearm The wrist is also much more active when hitting a Backhand in comparison to the Forehand Although your left hip is making slight movements forward, there is no major contribution of the legs to this stroke Contact with the ball is made in the earliest stages of the trajectory Hit the ball almost at the center of the racket Usually the racket is still slightly at an angle because there is always some top spin rotation on the ball even when drive to drive strokes are played The point of contact with the racket is the same as for Forehand and Backhand Topspin All of the Force goes into the ball speed, not into rotation. The goal is a still ball without rotation The Backhand Drive finishes a bit less than an arm’s length from the body and towards the right side The action is from the left hip to the right side Drives are where you will learn how to control the balls trajectory how to position yourself for each stroke and will give you your first feeling for the rhythms essential to good practice For more information, check out our website. Thanks for watching, and see you next time Spins and Skills Upgrade your game

18 thoughts on “How To Play Table Tennis – Backhand Drive

  1. Love this video. I am just a beginner and learning how to play. I have a decent forehand, but the backhand drive is hard.

  2. Hi, im new. Im trying backhand drive but all my hits land on my side. What am i doin wrong? When i hold the bat like in the vid and hit it goes down not to other side?

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