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Hello viewers ! welcome to nothing but cricket ! in this video am gonna talk about the perfect technique to defend the cricket ball most of them get out by getting caught to close-in fielders and LBW when they try to defend the ball.. so to avoid that am gonna tell how to defend the ball perfectly through this video So before going into the video please do subscribe and also press the bell icon for instant updates from NBC Let me first tell about the mistakes that you people commonly do while defending.. First common mistake is People used to keep their bat behind the pads while defending, which is really dangerous so the ball will have an impact on pad before it gets to the bat most of the times.. which leads to LBW This is mistake most people commit, even in international level Keeping the body upright while defending is the second mistake if you play upright you will not lean towards the ball so you will not reach the ball so easily you’ll get caught to close-in fielders So keeping the body upright while defending is the second common mistake we play defense to defend our wicket so there is no point in hitting in air while playing defense so this is the second mistake third mistake is about weight transfer you gotta bring the body leaning towards the ball you put your front leg towards the ball while defending from the stance when you do that your weight should not be dominant at the back of your body.. so you gotta transfer that weight up front Most people won’t do that when you play defense without weight transfer your body won’t lean forward towards the ball this is the third common mistake fourth mistake is bending the back leg while defending when you play a shot the back leg gotta be stable but most people tend to bend their leg while playing and get themselves low and once again resulting with upright body eventually the ball you defend will go in air whatever shot you play , if you gonna bend your leg then the ball will surely go in the air so it’s the most dangerous mistake and that is the 4th mistake. the solution for the first mistake is bring the bat and pad close together and bat should be in front of pad like this.. so bat should be in front of pad.. it’s not necessary to keep the bat infront of pads.. this even avoids the bat pad gap this solution reduces the chance of getting lbw to a significant level we have a common solution for the third and fourth problem all we gotta do is proper weight transfer when we ain’t do weight transfer it leaves us in upright position even after stretching more our body will be upright without leaning watch my toe when you stretch and play the toe should move upfront like this you can see that the body leaning towards the ball upfront it will be neat if we don’t transfer weight we will not be stable.. our body will fall towards the side which has dominant weight please use sunscreen for heaven sake !! so move the toe up front to transfer the weight towards the ball.. if you play like this, it’ll be perfect.. fourth mistake is back leg bending mostly it’ll happen when you do the weight transfer with error if you are moving the entire feet in front when you do weight transfer , then surely your back leg will bend.. you should only move the toe not the entire feet if you do .. then the backleg will bend so if you do the weight transfer properly and if you are being conscious about your back leg you will avoid the back leg bending problem so if you correct these four defects and defend the ball by following the basics foot work.. weight transfer.. lean forward.. don’t bend back leg.. if you keep these four things in mind, you can master your defense shot.. you can avoid all kinda misleads and LBW let me demonstrate the defense shot.. you can just watch and observe.. you guys try in the nets after watching ! hopefully you guys might have got some idea on defense.. Always play the defense with soft hands don’t whack the ball.. it’ll give a superb feel if you play with soft hands and keep these do’s and dont’s which I explained in this video to master the defense don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to NBC and press the bell icon for instant updates thanks for watching ! Keep supporting !!

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  1. Anna Sammya training pandrinka.
    naan nala thaan batting pandran annal slower ball illa out ayidran ainna thrieela? pl pl pl
    do with me pl pl pl anna

  2. Bro neenga pasaratha na avaloum.paaka maata.. Neenga villadratha tha papa.. Semaya aadringaa.. Next level poga maatingala.. Eppa tv la ungala paakarathu

  3. bro …bat hand la pudikkumbodhu..left hand up layum …right hand down layum irundhaa… hand power kidaikkumaa …pls sollunga beo

  4. Bro back foot defence ad a bemdiya edathula front foot defence adunna caught behind or slip caught ayudum so back foot defence podungga

  5. While power play how many players have to be inside the circle? How many players have to be outside the circle? Please tell anna

  6. Bro weight transfer pain forward defense Adumpodhu back leg out of crease Varum Chance iruke bro how to avoid it bro??

  7. Anna ne correct moves matum play panni kaatringa thappana movement panna enna aaagumnu video kaatuna use ah irukkum

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