How to Play Lingerie Football

How to Play Lingerie Football. If you don’t
mind passing the pigskin in your underwear — and in front of large crowds — you might
have what it takes for lingerie football! You will need Athleticism Lingerie Helmet
Shoulder, knee, and elbow pads Game rules Fair play and double-sided tape (optional).
Step 1. Know how to play football. Though the rules for lingerie football are a bit
different, the basic concept is the same. Step 2. Be in great shape — and not just
because you’re going to be half-naked when you play: Lingerie football is a full-contact
sport, so you’d better be prepared to tackle and be tackled. Step 3. Own a few sexy get-ups.
The Lingerie Football League uniform consists of a bra, panties, and a garter belt — plus
shoulder, knee, and elbow pads and a helmet. The judicious use of double-sided tape can
help prevent wardrobe malfunctions. Step 4. Try out for one of the teams that make up
the LFL. There are 20 women on a team, with 14 on the active roster, and seven from each
team on the field. The season is 20 weeks long; each game has two 17-minute halves and
a 15-minute halftime. Check the league’s website for tryout dates. Step 5. Play by the rules.
The LFL plays on a 50-yard field, 30 yards wide, with 8-yard end zones. A touchdown is
worth six points; a conversion run or pass from the 2-yard line is 1 point, and from
the 3-yard line it’s two points, as is a safety. There’s no punting and no field goals. Step
6. Pulling off an opposing player’s clothes is discouraged by the coaches — though prayed
for by the fans! Did you know Lingerie football began in 2004 as a one-game television event
to compete with the Super Bowl halftime show.

99 thoughts on “How to Play Lingerie Football

  1. I am going to be the guy that invents the "BOX GUARD"
    Just insert it where it needs to go, it has puffier, lip like features, extending across a larger surface area protecting the, "sensitive regions" during hard game play. (that just sounds good)

    I don't know about you, but I hate getting a split lip!

    then again, some girls like it rough!

    Note to all, my idea!

  2. No one actually came here for instructions. All this video needed was more slowmo shots and we'd all be happy.

  3. They aren't cracking skulls out there. The hits are more along the lines of what you would be playing in your backyard. Although, there are some where they do where pads and hit a bit harder.

  4. this is fucking wrong! i don't care if it's sexist, it's just fucking stupid!
    it's about as dumb as pole fitness! (it's an insult to all the beautiful old-school strippers)
    fuck me!… i hope they don't think this is empowering or something!
    if you're gonna do something sexist…do it right for fucks sake! now where's my sandwich?

  5. While I am actually a bit saddened that this has become a real thing, I wish I was both hot and strong enough to play… just not actually PLAY it…

  6. This is ridiculous. If girls want to look sexy while playing a sport then just wear a tighter version of male football uniforms. Or, how about this, SPANDEX.

  7. thats not the point these girls want to play football, they would like to be protected by proper uniform but are forced to wear bikinis other wise perverts wouldn't watch it. Where else can women play football and get this kind of coverage? (btw im not having a go at you or anything 🙂 )

  8. 1. why are they wearing bmx helmets in this? 2. unless your a dip shit women tie their hair back when running and 3. they are football players they dont do queer ass yogo for a workout they hit the weights at the gym!?

  9. I know you aren't having a go at me lol. I just feel as though if women want to play football then they should, not sell themselves out because close-minded men won't watch it unless they are half naked. In the end, as seen in this comment section, they aren't watching you play. They are watching your boobs and behind jiggling around in lingerie. I'd rather be underground and play real football than to have coverage and no one actually pay attention to my athletic efforts. That is just me though

  10. yeah i suppose some of them way hope for some of the glory or fame that the nfl players get, but more like you i would rather play in the NWFL.

  11. Im a dude and feel that girls could play real 11 on 11 games the sex appeal I get but really women can play the game theris plents of husky girls to play linemen and just like men girls have manu diffrent types of athleticism

  12. Pity u girls. U have all the sponsors n rich people around n yet u had to be half naked! N yet u demand respect? Only perverts created n watch this game, n cheap girls like u played this game.. Respect? Civilised? Look again.. Aint there any clothes for u girls to wear?

  13. "Honey what are you doing?"
    "Watching football."
    "Who's playing?"
    "I dunno."
    "What's the score?"
    "I dunno."

  14. 1. You have no idea how any woman commenting on this page looks like, calling them fugly has no basis, and makes you look like a twat.
    2. It is illegal in the US and UK for anyone under 18 to enter strip clubs of either gender, as is having sex at a strip club. If this is true, those clubs are breaking a shit ton of rules.
    3. I'm a straight guy turned on by women in their underwear, and even I think this game is sexist.
    4. What's wrong with boys 'liking cock?' My gay friends are all awesome.

  15. Not sure if my message got to you or if you were alerted to it, but I sent my reply to your discussion bit. I'd LOVE to here your response!

  16. You read a lot of stupid things on the internet, but this is right up there with the dumbest. Congrats, you are in the race for moron of the year award!

  17. This made me laugh so hard, Who taught you this? Your hippy older brother? Or your Mother who did the same thing as a teen and young adult?

  18. Step 7. Be prepared to put your fertility on the line and hope you don't get PCOS or Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. Don't believe me? Look it up. I don't have a problem with LFL as it has redefined my views of what women are capable of physically. but I don't like the little ribbons etc and they should be put in professional sportsware. I support women's sports soccer/hockey etc.

  19. It's not even a real professional sport.
    It's just half naked clothes, something you go to bed with. I mean really underwear in a sport. Seriously? ?
    that's sO weird! .. and sO perverted. Yap I freaking said it.

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