How to Play Darts : Strategies for the Dart Game Cricket

Hi, this is Rich Buccola here in Astoria Queens
at the world’s famous Doyle’s Corner and on behalf of Expert Village, today we’re going
to show you how to throw some darts. Okay, so getting back to the game of Cricket and
the strategy. You’re playing your game. I might have hit a triple twenty and didn’t
hit anything else. But, what’s great, sometimes in this game, you’ll accidentally maybe hit
an eighteen. That counts and you would close it. So, let’s just say I got triple twenty
and the other two darts went off the board. My opponent gets two twenties and one eighteen.
So, that’s who you would mark that. He’s open here. So, I could go back now and hit a twenty,
and if I hit a twenty, I would get twenty points. Now, we go down the whole game. This
twenty points is going to give me a little bit of an edge. He has to make back this twenty
points. He has to do that by closing a number that I don’t have closed. So, he needs to
hit that number three times, and then hit it a fourth time to get that amount of points.
But, say he had his nineteens closed and I didn’t, and he hit the fourth nineteen. He
would get the nineteen points, but he’s still not beating me. For you to win this game,
you have to close out everything and have the most amount of points. So, remember, this
is a very strategic way to play this game. You’ll see guys that will come up, and if
you don’t close that twenty, they’ll sit there and just bang twenties on you. Even though
they might be closing stuff up, if I have a lot of points, he’s going to have to try
to come back and reget those points to win the game. So, remember, to win the game of
Cricket you have to close out everything by hitting three of each number, from twenty
to fifteen. You also need to hit three corks. But, more than that, you have to have more
points. And when you get points it’s when you have something closed and the other person
doesn’t. Play Cricket, have fun.

14 thoughts on “How to Play Darts : Strategies for the Dart Game Cricket

  1. this isnt real cricket not the english form anyway, in england this is know as mickey mouse. cricket is where you have a batter and a bowler, the bowler has to hit bulleyes to take of wickets bull for 2 or outer for 1. the batter has to score over 40 to gain runs ie 55 would give him 15 runs!

  2. You don't have to go in order… This is a bad tutorial.. You also need to close triples/doubles/bulls.. That is how I was taught anyways…

  3. I'm from Astoria, Queens.  You used to be able to buy cocaine in the bathroom at Doyles but they cleaned the place up alright a couple years ago.  The pool cue are still ragged. 

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