How to Play Darts : How to Score the Dart Game Cricket

Hi, this is Rich Buccola here in Astoria Queens
at the world’s famous Doyle’s Corner and, on behalf of Expert Village, today we’re going
to show you how to throw some darts. So, what I want to do now is just reiterate on what
we were talking about on the board and closing twenties, nineteens. Each player is going
to throw three darts. So, say you happen to you know, you want to close your twenties
down. That’s why the board is set up that way. Strategically, it’s the best way to maneuver
yourself to get out. You want to close each individual number and the corks, and you will
win the game, providing you have the most points. When I’m done with this clip, showing
the board, I’ll explain the strategy and the points. But, basically, you have this is the
outside of the board here. Anything that hits outside here is nothing. So, if you hit anything
out here, it’s nothing. But, around the board you have this thin line. All of these numbers
here, if you hit into this, is double. So, this would be the double twenty I was talking
about. The black portions, these two portions, are single twenty. And you can see why, because
it’s a bigger portion to hit, of course it’s going to be less value. This being the hardest
to hit, because it’s the smallest area, will give you a triple twenty, closing your twenty
out or giving you three twenties. But, say you were to hit four twenties in one shot
and your opponent didn’t close his twenties yet you would actually close your twenties
and have twenty points. When I come back, I’m going to show you about strategy and how
to finish the game of Cricket. Oh wait, just one more thing. The bullseye the red part
of the bullseye is two bullseyes. It also counts for fifty points. And the inner spot
of the bullseye, the green part, is twenty five or one bullseye. When I come back, we’re
going to show you more strategy and closing up the game of Cricket.

20 thoughts on “How to Play Darts : How to Score the Dart Game Cricket

  1. uh, for people who don't play darts, you can't expect them to know what that means. you may be a cricket expert but not everyone is.

  2. sorry mate, i play county darts in england, we seem to be able to dominate that at least.
    i meant that it was beginners stuff for darts…i know shit about cricket except thats you get four for hitting the boundary if it bounces before it gets there, and SIX for it not bouncing and hitting someone in the crowd!!! how fucked up is that?

  3. damn see im all calmed down now ,sorry, funny how it all end up with either me blowing up shit,shooting,shit, or something like that this is one skreud up world

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