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Hello viewers ! welcome to NBC! in this video am gonna talk about the method of playing cut shot Many of you guys were asking for this video cut shot is now an essential shot in cricket especially in the modern day game if you are good in cut shot you can easily score boundaries in the point region This shot is very useful if you are good with the technique before going into the video please do subscribe and also press the bell icon for instant updates let’s go into the video cut shot and pull shot are similar in many aspects we play cut on offside with backlift from fine-leg and we play pull shot with backlift from third-man this is the main difference between these shots in case of foot work its almost same when ever you are going to play backfoot shots the first step will be Moving back n across from the stance you should take the back leg behind towards off stump this is the first step.. we do the same for pull shot what ever backfoot shots we play we gotta move ack n across so first step in cut shot is to move back n across second step is to bring the backlift from fineleg it’s the only way to play cut so first move back n across and then bring the backlift from fine-leg third step is important this step helps you to keep the shot down along the ground when ball is in your reach.. you gotta be on top of the ball and hit it on the top unlike pull shot you gotta wait for the ball and hit the top part of the ball it’s like slapping a guy in his head so let the ball come and slap it from the top thats the third step and the fourth one is rolling the wrist and completing the shot so you gotta come to the ball and cut the ball and roll the wrist and complete these are the 4 simple steps back n across.. backlift from fine leg.. slap on top of the ball and then roll the wrists and complete these 4 steps will improve the elegance of your cut shot and helps to secure more runs Now i’ll show you the demo I’ll play with the tennisball first to extract more bounce from the concrete wicket then I’ll play with the cricket ball and show how things are different from tennis ball when played with tennis ball, the ball will come slowly after pitching but with cricket ball , it skids and come quickly tennis ball batting will help you to cut in matting wicket and cricket ball will help you to cut in turf wicket you can also practice this shot from this point of view using two different balls Now let me show some demo of cut shots superb (self satisfaction :)) you guys might have seen my cut shots you should not play the cut shot when it comes close to the body coz there is a chance for getting played-on and some people might take their towards leg stump and create room and play the shot which is unorthodox but comes by practise but being a top order batsmen or atleast for safer side try to avoid that.. check for the wrong’un when you play cut shot against spinners if you play cut shot in a googly ball assuming it’s a leggy then surely you’ll get played-on so you gotta read the bowler’s hand before going for the shot if you are not able to do that simply play back foot defense of drive and safe guard your wicket these are the points you gotta keep in mind before playing a cut shot check my pull shot video link in description back n across… backlift from fineleg… slap over the top of the ball.. roll the wrist and complete try the shot and post your experience in comments please do like this video before leaving please do subscribe and also press the bell symbol for instant updates from NBC Thanks for watching !! Keep supporting !!

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  1. hi bro , i am keep on missing even easy balls , but he was bowling bit faster. THE PROBLEM IS I WAS VERY SLOW TO REACH THE BALL, I WAS VERY UPSET ON MY BATTING .

  2. Bro epdi ingaye aluthi adrathu, enakku bat thooki aadamudiyala bat thooki adrathukkulla ball poeruthu bro..Off side suthama aada mudiyala bro..

  3. Sir I am a all rounder so could you please tell about inswing and out swing plzzz and then reverse sweep plz sir

  4. Bro this is outside off stick short ball. Pls make the video for line and length short balls . I got edged out lot of time in closer short balls

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