How to Play Cricket : How to Throw a Long Distance Ball in Cricket

Hi this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip I will tell you how to throw a ball from a long distance. A long distance
throw comes into the picture when the fielder is at the boundary and he has to throw to
the stands. It is quite a bit of distance. In this case let’s see how our fielder, who
has collected the ball, what kind of an action he would be having. So he collects the ball.
He throws. It is good to throw as parallel to the ground as possible. It will travel
faster, and also if you have a one bounce before the keeper or before the stands, it’s
easier for the keeper to collect. In many ways it could be faster as well. So you collect
the ball and you throw it parallel to the ground giving it your full energy. Let’s see
this in action. Now, this is a real-time shot.

26 thoughts on “How to Play Cricket : How to Throw a Long Distance Ball in Cricket

  1. The other day I watched a video in which Paul Collinwood was offering some tips on throwing the ball. This guy is saying completely opposite to that. This is bullshit. Don't watch this video.

  2. youve got a point that its completely opposite, but i guess its a matter of personal preference is'nt it? i wouldn't know, fielding is not reli my strong point lol.

  3. The demo here is awful! Paul collingwood's technique should be used when throwing over any distance. Simply adding a 'crow hop' or 'click' would give extra power.

  4. This video is aweful, please dont rely on that. Try and develop different actions and analyze those yourself for which could be the best for you. It also depends on your physique. My opinion is dont over-kill your arm and back while trying to copy the suggestions in the video…Its Aweful….

  5. its so lame that every video i watch some1 always complains about some shit that aint worth it, i dont get why the heck they do it!

  6. he's wearing indian colored sweater. hence watever u said abt him is true for indian players


    woo hoo pwned
    fuck that feels good

  7. throwing with your arm parrallel to the ground will only make you less accurate, I only throw a ball that way if I'm playing dodgeball at school and my target is 2 metres away

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