How to Play Cricket : How to Field & Throw a Ball in Cricket

Hi this is Ash on behalf of Export Village.
In this clip I will tell you how to lift the ball and throw. Once you run and come in the
line of the ball this how you do and what you do. You come in the line, you hold the
ball, you transfer your weight, you put your front foot here, left foot here, transfer
your weight and throw the ball like this. Now there can be varies ways of throwing it,
you could throw it like parallel the the ground, there will also be at an angle which you want
to throw the ball. The force that you will be exerting here would be basically depending
upon what distance you want the ball to be thrown at. You may have to give your entire
energy to throw your ball to the boundary, where if you are closer to the inner circle
you may not actually need that force. Let’s see this is in action. Let’s observe now how
the fielder comes, puts his foot behind the ball, picks it up and throws it.

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  1. Please dont waste anytime watching this video it is a joke….Expert Village ? I would like to see how smart the village idiot is!

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