How to Play Cricket : How to Field a Ball in Cricket

Hi, this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip I will show you how to field a ball. Let’s see how to field a ball. Once
the ball is coming at you at the ground level, you bend down like this. So if you observe
here, make sure your leg is touching your foot here. This is to ensure you’re going
to get your whole body behind it. So that there is no gap between both your feet. So
once the ball travels to you, even at higher speeds, there is a position surrounded by
your body. Now this is how your palms should look like. This is also the position you catch,
so you bring both your hands together and field the ball, and close your palms. The
body, your foot, and your leg here, helps prevent in case your hands miss it. The ball
might kind of hit either your foot or your leg and you still are maybe able to save a
lot of runs. So you hold the ball, and once you’ve got the ball in your hands, you throw
the ball towards the stumps. Let’s see this in action. That’s a typical way to field the

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