How to Play Cricket : How to Bowl an Off Spin Delivery in Cricket

Hi this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip I’m going to tell you how to bowl an off-spin delivery. An off-spin is
a delivery which is a tool for the slow bowlers. It’s a delivery which, once bowled, comes
on the off, and then turns towards the batsman. So it’s a ball which would turn inside the
batsman. So it landed the offside and come in. Let me show you how it happens. To take
this stance, how to hold the ball here, you can actually hold the ball in various ways.
Various slower bowlers, spinners, have different ways of holding the ball. It could be held
like this, it could be held like this, or it could be held like this. So depending upon
which one is more effective for you, you can hold the ball. Let me show you how this ball
actually lands up. Since this is spin bowling, the run up would not be too long. It’s going
to be a shorter run up. And you bowl the ball which after being bowled, let me show you
how, and so it comes toward the off side. It lets it lands up here, and then after that,
it comes into the batsman. For the left- hander, it’s the other way around. For the left- hander,
this would be the delivery which would be leaving the left-hander like this and going
out. Now again, this is with the assumption that the bowler is a right-hand bowler. This
is how the ball looks like in real time. As you notice, after taking that bounce, the
ball came inside.

77 thoughts on “How to Play Cricket : How to Bowl an Off Spin Delivery in Cricket

  1. I have a theory that this was put on by the Indian Cricket association. They paid some random actor to don the whites and act out poor techniques and put them on youtube, where they'll be seen by thousands of people worldwide. These people will then rein-act these videos, thus making India the powerhouse in International cricket. I like his hand position to release the ball, l guess with the state of Indian pitches it doesn't need many revolutions on the ball

  2. Yes, this could have been a great collection of different deliveries. Something of a missed opportunity…

  3. The 1st and 3rd grip are exactly the same.And you don't hold it with five damn fingers.
    Does this guy seriously teach cricket??

  4. omg…who is this…..LOL… u need only 3 fingers to do the offspin 😛 ..besides how can u turn the ball with 5 fingers …. my god do watch it

  5. u should hold the ball with two fingers. that is the basic grip for bowling. using the thumb is optional in offspin bowling.

  6. man i couldnt agree more with u, im a leggie and i could probly ball better offspin than this dumass…

  7. This guy hasn't played cricket for sure …who the hell holds the bowl like that in test cricket …may be he learned this off spin trick from his sister mary

  8. All four fingers and thumb on the ball??!

    You do know it will rotate at the speed of the slowest?

    Also, one of them will foul the direction of rotation, meaning you bowl a lot of slow spinning top spinners and back spinners (which on most pitches will be tonked out of the park)

    Appreciate the effort, but the grip is cock awful

  9. i cud hav done that video, it just stated the obvious, the grip is so wrong, how to!? doesnt tell u at all, whats the point telling me how the ball behaves, i can see it on tele myself, useless vid

  10. Why do people insist on swearing when writing negative comments about clips like this? If you like the clip, great, say so. If you don't, that's fine also, but there is no need to resort to foul language – you just show yourself to be an idiot and then some…

  11. shit video watch my one how to play cricket: how to bowl an off spin (not ash's way) much better im ash and a better accent bloody shit f**k off duche

  12. I think Swann, Ajmal, Harbhajan, Mendis and the others have got to get together, hunt down this guy and smack the crap out of him. He doesn't even know how to hold a cricket ball. What would be know about spinning it?
    Expert Village, QUIT posting videos on cricket when you obviously don't know shit!

  13. @Biggus63 i agree… and if you click show more on the discription itll say that ash teaches kids cricket,i feel bad for those kids

  14. @Sbhatia94 -Indeed mate! This is the problem with the internet, anyone with a computer and delusions of grandeur can represent themselves as an 'expert'. This guy is beyond a joke. Even as a 12 year old I think I knew more about off spin than this clown. I just hope he's not charging people for this 'service'. You're quite right, I too am sorry for the kids.

  15. He holds the ball like my 6 year old daughter holds an apple.
    Totally wrong grip for offspin. Please – if you want to bowl spin DON'T watch this video

  16. as a experienced off spin bowler he should learn how to hold the ball properly not like how i eat an apple

  17. That was terrible do you know the funniest thing every other video they posted had at least 50% thumbs down sorry but it wasn't that helpful

  18. Next time, cheak google for more help and improving videos. Where's the other glogaly eyesed failer ?

  19. this is the worst tutorial video i have ever seen
    what ever it may be i liked his grip for off spin
    he is the best coach ever :p

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