How to Play Cricket : How to Bowl a Yorker in Cricket

Hi this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip I am going to tell you how to bowl a Yorker. Let’s begin. Yorker is another
tool specifically for the fast bowlers. Notice also sometimes used by the spin bowlers. A
Yorker is a delivery which lands very close to the stumps in fact on the foot. The way
to hold the ball is very straight forward. You keep your index finger between these two
ends these two halves of the ball. Then the other finger close to it and your thumb is
on the other side. This is how you hold the ball. Let me show you how the Yorker comes
and hits the stumps or comes from the other bowling area. Let show you this is the batting
stumps and here we have a batsman. Now Yorker is a delivery which would typically land in
this area. So it is very close to the stumps. About I would say 1/2 foot to about 2 feet.
So this is the area between the legs to the stumps. This is where the Yorker would typically
land and then go towards the stumps. A Yorker typically gets the batsman in trouble since
the ball is coming very fast and very quickly towards his legs or the stumps there is a
good chance if he misses the ball might end up in the stumps or it could be a case of
LBW which means leg before wicket where in the ball hits the batsman leg first which
would right which would be basically cover the stumps and that is given as a note. Let
me show you by example how the ball would go and how the batsman generally reacts to
such a ball.

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