How to Play Cricket : How to Bowl a Googly in Cricket

Hi this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip I’m going to tell you how to bowl a googly. A googly is another effective
tool used by a spin bowler. This ball is generally bowled by a leg spinner and is the one which
is used generally to be fool the batsman. Let me tell you how to hold this ball. You
would generally keep your fingers like this. This helps in spinning the ball. Or rather,
I would say, it’s more like a reverse spin. It gives the look of having a leg spinner
bowling a leg spin, but the ball, after being bowled, straightens out to the batsman, or
may go the other way as well. Let’s see how this one looks like when we bowl it. So once
this action is done like this, it’s a proper leg spinner action, and we just want to take
your arms slightly more towards like this and once this ball is delivered, now the expectancy
which a batsman has that the ball, after landing would go towards this side, it does not happen.
The ball straightens up and surprises the batsman by coming like this. So it’s a straight
delivery, but rather than actually going here, it might also have a slight turn here towards
the leg inside the batsman. Let’s see how this is in real time. This was a typical googly.

71 thoughts on “How to Play Cricket : How to Bowl a Googly in Cricket

  1. wtf….i am a 16 year old leg spinner…i can do 5/5 types of dileveries….i just gt a call from the ecb young atteders 2 days back to assess me cricket….i can bowl…1.legspin..2.googly..3.the faster 1…4.carrom ball…5.doosra…6.normal offspin..7..2 fingered googly….i will show u some videos soon

  2. i need help on the googly i can bowl most other leg spin variations but not the googly :@
    does anyon know a good video that will help or anything?

  3. HAHA! Thats actually not how you grip for a start, you grip all Legspin balls except the slider and the flipper the same way, the only difference is the wrist action and pivot.

  4. International cricketers use a 4 piece ball not 2 piece and domestic cricketers also use a 4 piece. Grassroots cricketers use the 2 piece ball not a fucking tennis ball. Yeah, Ash on behalf of expert village, what a legend.

  5. Keep your wrist facing the ground at point of delivery, takes a bit of practice. I use the opposite approach when bowling pace and have my wrist facing the sky at the point of delivery.

  6. Maybe you should learn about the language of coming from India or from the Middle-East, jerk. He's not english so 'Expert' wouldntsound the same, you need to clean up on your Geography.

  7. pure nonsense, you r a complete moron an have no idea of cricket..dont show your ugly face anywhere in youtube. u r just ruining others day… dirty bast**d.

  8. I have seen this bowled by an expert in England and for us "Yanks" it looks like a low knuckle ball or a palm ball that breaks down and away or up and in (depending on which hand the bowler uses) after the bounce. Its awesome when done right.

  9. True that! I am not a big fan of Cricket. I only watch it (and still learning) because of my girlfriend. She is nutz over it! Still, If I can read this bowler and translate this motion into another game format…..Youre right. He really sucks!

  10. Wow the batsman doesnt even know how to bat and this 'Ash' sucks and doesnt know how to bowl BTW Terry Jenner is awesome

  11. This guy is a idiot..first of all, he is showing in on a garden grass field where the ball normallt gets uneven turn and bounce which is different from a pitch and second when he shows it in a real time, he focus the camera on batsman rather than him we can believe that he bowl a googly..he must have bowled a straight over arm delivery and said it is a googly…worst video ever..i dont know how can these people get a desire to upload a coaching video.

  12. Hi check out this video how to bowl a googly, well different bowlers has different ways to bowl googly, well this is one way, very soon I am going to show another type of googly.

  13. huh? i dont get what u r trying to say in the first place. and then i can bowl better than u.
    all ur methods are wrong

  14. Wtf?! It won't even spin correctly, it's on the grass… Get a pitch. Get Abdul Qadir or Tendulkar, they would teach better.

  15. this is one of the most depressing videos i've seen…learn the bloody game first. you're pathetic. i can't imagine budding cricketers wanting to learn about the great sport looking at this crap

    have u contemplated suicide

  16. @ajrocking768 ya man these assholes dont know how to appreciate one person if one man critisises every1 will follow that

  17. its funny.. we just saw u bowl, but never clear how exactly u do it.. u didnt have to bowl, just showing the spinning movements of ur hand would have been enough

  18. Your leg spin video's grip was completely wrong!! But i did like the way the guy in black played the straight drive.

  19. LOL its not a googly its a straight ball wat u balled a googly is meant to turn the the opposite direction of off spin

  20. Rubbish videos. That's not a googly, also an incorrect grip. All videos of this asshole should be deleted, Because if someone wants to learn leg spin bowling and finds these rubbish videos, he might be misguided.

  21. First of all this idiot probably changed his name to ash from something else. It's a typical Indian thing when they move to a American or uk. He probably doesn't know how to bowl the wrong on. That's why the video doesn't show him actually bowling

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