How to Play Cricket : How to Bowl a Bouncer Delivery in Cricket

Hi, this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip, I tell you how to bowl a bouncer. A bouncer is a little weapon in the hands
of a fast bowler. A bouncer, as the name sounds is a delivery which after the bounce comes
to the shoulder height, or to the head or even above. Now this mid air is a very good
one to break the morale of batman that is new to the bridge. Let me show you how a bowler
would actually bowl the bouncer and how it comes on the bridge. Now to roll the ball,
you would either have the index finger here, or between the two ends or here with the middle
finger right beside it and the thumb here. So this is a typical stance, or this one to
hold the ball. Now after the ball, there will be a good runner, cause this is a fast ball,
and the ball comes, the bowler bowls the ball. Now this ball would typically land up at about
half the pitch length. So this is where it would land up, and you see that this is about
ten to twelve feet from the stands, about half the pitch length. So after it comes here,
after it lands up here, this ball rises and rises to a very good height. Now as you would
see the batsman is here, close to the stands and this ball typically would be at least
a shoulder height or it’ll go above. So basically the batsman will either duck down to avoid
being hit by the ball. So this is how the ball comes like and you will see this ball
is generally at either the shoulder or above the shoulder height. This ball will even go
up much higher, going above the batsman’s head or some where in this space. Now this
area is the one that I said is fairly to tend to break batter’s morale. Let’s see how this
ball would look like in real time. That’s how it looks like.

46 thoughts on “How to Play Cricket : How to Bowl a Bouncer Delivery in Cricket

  1. stance on the ball??? it's called grip you tard, this advice is terrible, unless it's supposed to be a joke, but i think u guys are actually serious which makes this fkn funny to watch

  2. these guys are awesome u guys are all dicks for saying that hes shit its not true he knows how to play cricket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i dont want to flipping know TYPICALLY WHat a pro..i want to c HOW U SHOW OTHERS HOW TO BOWL A BOUncer
    if all bouncers he showed look like that..tht would be the easiest to offence..poor effort..

  4. What is a chutiya,chotiya,chootia or any other variation of the word? Most of you sound like you need to go back to school before learning about bouncers from a
    con man petending to be a cricket coach!

  5. this guy is SO shit at cricket. it's like he is just…reading stuff off wikipedia and just saying it.
    a) hes clearly never faced a bouncer and doesnt talk about lines
    b) he could've at least chosen a batsmen who LOOKED half decent
    c) zoom out so we can see how short it is…dont zoom in on some shitty grass in calcutta
    d) ALL of his videos are an embaressment to himself and other indian cricketers.

    i'm, not being patronising…but don't blame yourself, blame your source – wikipedia.

  6. he embarrasses indian bowlers. he even does not know how to grip the ball. i have almost mastered leg spin. i am a fast and a leg and off spinner

  7. u wanna learn "HOW TO PLAY CRICKET" get out of ur room and get on the field.. not sit here and watch these videos.. !!

  8. LOL. I couldn't stop laughing from start to end. Full of theory. Starts with "A bouncer is a lethal weapon" and his bouncer is fluffy 😀

  9. i am bowler from pakistan playing under lahore qalandar .this is absolutely wrong tip to bounce a ball bcz above the shoulder the bowl consider to be wide after 2 warning.
    1.first you grip the ball and let the free space between your hand fingers and the ball and then twiste the wrist when jump to ball make sure that your mind should ready for short ball delivary.and automatically you create a bouncer..this guy makes fun with cricket/.

  10. Reminds me of my school teacher who knew nothing about the subject, but only to read from the text book… look at this guy taking us through an idiotic walk through with an even worse ending by bowling full toss ball over the batsman..!

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