How to Play Cricket : How to Bat a Reverse Sweep Shot in Cricket

Hi, this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip I’m going to tell you how to play a reverse sweep shot. A reverse sweep
shot is completely opposite to the sweep shot. The way a sweep shot is played, left side,
a reverse sweep shot is played on the off side. This is a shot that is basically played
to confuse the fielders. This is not a traditional shot, but has been added to the cricketing
shots very recently. Let’s see how this shot is played. Again, in this shot, the batsman
comes down, gets in line to the ball. The ball is very close to the ground. The batsman
comes down and plays a reverse sweep shot to the off side. Now this is a very unorthodox
shot and you will find that the fielders are not ready for this kind of a shot. There also
some bit of a wrist movement here and the batsman also needs to ensure that the face
of the bat is towards the ground, not towards the sky, otherwise he may end up lofting the
ball to the fielder. Let’s see the shot in real time. Oh! Good shot!

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  1. @theskateboarders No, a switch hit is attacking, reverse sweep has the same effect as a sweep. since when can you get enough power behind then reverse sweep to hit it for 6?!

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