How to Play Cricket : How to Bat a Cover Drive in Cricket

Hi this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
Today we talk about cricket. In this clip, I’m going to tell you how to play a cover
drive. A cover drive is a very handy tool for the batsman. Especially, for the delivery
which is on the off side. So it’s not common to stand slightly on the off side. And to
play this delivery, the batsman needs to come in line of the ball. Now let me show you then
again the shot happens. So the ball which is coming in the off. The batsman extends
his foot in line to the ball, gets his bat, in line again and hits it on the color. Now
this is the direction of the color when the ball is pushed from here. Let’s see this in
real time. Good shot.

39 thoughts on “How to Play Cricket : How to Bat a Cover Drive in Cricket

  1. This is awful. If you really want to learn how to play the cover drive, watch Michael Vaughan's coaching videos on the Natwest Cricket site. Far, far better.

  2. hahahahah fucking indians are stupid…. they can't even win a single match indians are hopeless they are fucked up in everything hahahha GAY HIND

  3. dont let random retards teach you how to play cricket. WATCH the best players and learn from them. Cricket cannot be taught, you have to PLAY to learn.

  4. @cricketwizz48 it's not very helpful if you don't do it properly – you just end up with kids getting a cover drive and off-drive confused. Rubbish.

  5. only five things wrong with the shot: it was a ball better suited to an off drive, the head isn't over the ball, the arms are inside-out to the batsman who isn't balanced and he has no equipment

  6. this guy is soo stupid, the head should always go first not the front leg, because if your head follows the ball the front leg will follow straight afterwards. as you see when he is hitting the ball, he is falling off balance which is my point proven.

  7. Well one thing I notice for any beginner who learns to play cricket It will have not much effect as, He has to first learn stance, balence,etc and has to play ball bowled Over the wiket after then he can be made to learn to play round the wicket. :-

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