How to Play Chinese Chess : What is Chinese Chess?

Hi my name is Billy and on behalf of
today I’m going to be teaching you how to play Chinese chess we are located in Chinatown.
So basically Chinese chess is pretty similar to American chess except that it is divided
in the red and the green. It just tells you it doesn’t really matter which color. Some
people like the red and some people like the green. So basically in the Chinese chess this
is the pawns all of the front line here is the pawns. So it is all the same even if they
are very different this is the same. This here on the corner it is a horse it is a replacement
so on both of the corners horse so it is the same thing as the American chess. It will
go however anyways you want as the opening you could go here from here to there. If there
is no opening if there is a opening here we go from here once it is block you can’t. You
can’t go anywhere further.

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