How To Play Chess Like A Boss at the National Television

So we’ve got the white pieces and i will play the kings indian with white But lets make a small experiment first and start from the second 30 i understand it is a very intresting idea we should make the games more intresting ok you have 30 seconds, start so we’ll play like nothing has happened and we are playing some kind of kings indian where the point is to play fast because the time is everything in bullet(1 minute for each player) so here we win a piece so we finished with 5 seconds left you won with mate on the board and 5 seconds left Alex this time we need more explanation everything happened too fast i invite you to make a short analysis sure! first we had an opening that is very popular in bullet because it gives me a quick development in a very short period of time because i play the same moves against everything so it gives me some very important seconds at the end of the game this is a special tactic for bullet? Yes!of course i would not do the same in a normal game but i had to adapt to the format so i played the fianchetto set-up he played quite normal but here he made a small concesion because he took on e4 and it gave away the c4 square for my knight where it can be very powerfull i occupied the open d file he side-stepped the pin and now i activated my knight i took some space with e5 and here i planted the knight to d6 because i thought it will give black a hard time this e5 pawn is an attacking mark and it gives me the options to play bishop g5 or knight g5 with bishop e4 and queen h5 because the f6 knight cannot defend the k-side but it felt inresting to try knight d6 because its more concrete and here we were a bit lucky because he took on d6 after wich we had c4 he could have played like queen d7 after i had the move c4 or even some knight e5 ideas after i was better anyway i think but after he took the pawn and i played c4 white has a winning position so you found this tactic in a few seconds?! Yes ,because i saw this type of position before and i just had to use my memory and reminding the viewers that you started from second 30 and then you started the game and got to this position where you found a very nice tactic so he played knight d4 and know i saw a small trick to take on d4 and play d6 because if he takes d6 then b7 is hanging another tactic in less than a second! but this time he saw it but it was quite late because i was just a piece up and how the game went i had some bishop h6 ideas to play for the mate but he blocked nicely with f6 and from here we didnt played in the most precise way but allready we were getting low on time and i played a bit inaccurate but i pressed him on the queenside and i took this b6 pawn after wich his position started to collapse and at the end we queened our pawn and took his queen with mate

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