How to Play Chess : How the Queen Moves in Chess

Hi I’m Jitin Tuli on behalf of
and now I’m going to tell you about how does the queen move and capture. The queen combines
the powers of both the rook and the bishop. As such it can move horizontally, vertically
or diagonal. In a since it is like the king and that it could move in any direction unlike
the king however it can move far in one direction so long as there are no pieces in its spot.
In the example the queen can move to any of the squares as shown here. Like the rook and
the bishop the queen captures as it moves. In this position the queen can capture the
enemy rook, knight or bishop but it may not jump over of any of the pieces on the board.
The example shows clearly how powerful the queen is, use it carefully as you would learn
that it is very risky to bring the queen out early because if you loose your queen you
are likely to loose the battle.

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