How to Play Chess : How the Bishops Moves in Chess

Hi I’m Jitin Tuli on behalf of
and now I’m going to tell you about how does the bishop moves and captures. The bishop
can move any numbers of squares diagonally but the rook may not jump over a white or
a black piece. Like the rook it can move forward or backwards or only one direction at a time.
Example the bishop can move to any square as shown here. Like the rook the bishop captures
as it moves, in this position can capture any rook or the knight but it can not jump
over these pieces. At the beginning of the game each side has a white square and a dark
square bishop because to move diagonally the bishop would always remain on a square of
the same color on which they have started the game.

4 thoughts on “How to Play Chess : How the Bishops Moves in Chess

  1. wth a bishop can be move when the king is in check… well i know u can move it but for protecting ur king but…. not for attacking can anyone explain that please ? is that a rule???

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