How to Play Baseball : Using Baseball Signals

Hello! My name is Adrian Arceo and I’m here
with Now we are going to talk a little bit about signs. There are two
basic groups of signs that you have to know. That is the sign between catcher, and pitcher
and the sign between the coach and the runner. Now between catcher and pitcher, the signs
are basically given with the fingers and usually by the catcher. If you have ever seen a catcher
give a 1, 2, 3 or 4 fingers, usually he is calling off some kind of a pitch. If it gives
a sequence of signs, he is either calling a pitch and a location like inside or outside,
or he is just trying to fool the runner or the hitter so he doesn’t really know what
sign is going to come on. Now the pitcher also has to communicate with the catcher.
If you ever see them on the mound and he nods yes, that means he is going all right. Let’s
go with that pitch or if he brushes them off and goes no, that means he wants something
else. Next you got the communication between the coach and the base runner. Now that’s
not too much communication. It’s more like the coach is telling the base runner what
to do. Now say the coach touches his nose before anything else, that could mean steal,
that could mean hit and run, that could mean the batter is going to run, and you should
be ready to try to take the next base. Like for example, if the coach were to do this,
that could actually mean nothing at all. So you got to keep in mind that stuff is designed
not only to communicate, it is also designed to deceive the other team. Like say the coach
gives a fake sign and there is nothing going on, but the other team thinks, hey, these
guys are going to bunt, they bring the third baseman up, and the next thing you know the
batter swings and he just pops it right by the third baseman because he is so close and
be cannot react. So it is always important to know what is going to happen in baseball,
and that is what signs are for.

4 thoughts on “How to Play Baseball : Using Baseball Signals

  1. Dude, there are THREE basic groups of signs you need to know, not TWO

    -pitcher, catcher
    -coach, baserunner AND
    -coach, BATTER

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