How to Play Baseball : Throwing & Fielding Baseball Techniques

Hello! My name is Adrian Arceo and I’m here
with Now whether you are catching a ground ball or fly ball, before
you make the throw, it is important that you set your feet. So let’s start off with ground
ball. As I mentioned before, this is going to be your position. As you bring it in, you
want to make sure that your throwing side leg, which would be your back leg, when you
throw crosses ahead of your other leg before you start winding up to make the throw. Remember
as an infielder, you have to make a quick throw, so you’ve got to move your feet quickly.
So as soon as you receive the ground ball, you cross over step quickly and you make your
throw. If you are fielding a fly ball, because you are already set up under the ball, you
can make a long cross over step. So you are up here, you are set up under the ball, you
catch it, you reach in there and pull it out and again, you cross your leg, and you start
going towards your target as you throw the ball. Remember as an infielder with a ground
ball, your feet should shuffle around a whole lot quicker. As opposed to outfielders, because
you are going to make a longer throw, you want to give yourself a whole lot more power
so that means a longer step and throw. If you are fielding a ground ball or fly ball,
it is always important to set your feet before you throw.

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