How to Play Baseball Poker : Learn the Rule Variations of Three in Baseball Poker

When talking about rule variations on the
stud poker variant of baseball let’s continue with that. Let’s talk more about one now that
could actually garner its own series on Expert Village for now, just this segment. It’s called
night time or midnight baseball I’ll demonstrate how that works instead of describing it. What
you do is you deal all 7 of the cards face down and the players at the table can not
look at these cards.
Seven cards down again do not look at the cards then the dealer puts out one card up
and the player to the dealers left begins to roll their cards and they must beat this
deuce before they can stop rolling and have the opportunity to bet. Now for this demonstration
we are using the buy your wild cards rule, we are not using the rain out rule. So I’ll
roll my cards a 5 beats that 2, I have the opportunity to bet if I want for the sake
of this demonstration. I’m going to check and of course nobody else knows what their
cards are so they check. The player to my left know has to beat my hand which is a 5
of hearts, he has a 5 of clubs he rolls again he gets a queen. Queen 5 beats a regular 5
he has the opportunity to bet, everybody checks. This player must beat the queen five, gets
a five and then a 3, if he buys that 3 he has a pair of 5s. He buys the 3 by matching
the pot now there’s 8 in the pot, a pair of 5s. The player on the left must know beat
a pair of 5s, 3 comes off well, it’s not much to buy the pot and statistically the next
card will probably be higher than a five so he buys the pot, puts 8 out there.

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