How to Play Baseball : How to Throw a Baseball

Hello! My name is Adrian Arceo and I am here
with The next thing we are going to focus on is throwing. Now with
throwing we are going to start off with a grip. You want to get something kind of like
this; this is a called a forcing grip. This is actually going to make you throw a lot
more powerful and accurate. Also, the spin of the ball; because it is kind of spinning
like this, gives you a little lift on your throw, so it actually flies farther than it
actually should. Next thing we are going to focus on is setting your feet. Now when you
set your feet, you kind of got to set it up so it points toward your target. I’m right
here around home plate. Say I want to throw down to second base, I would set my feet up
in line with second base. Same thing with first and third. If I were to throw to third,
I would shift my feet this way. If I was throwing to third, I would shift my feet this way.
The next thing you want to focus on is bringing your arm back. That way you get a longer whipping
action when you throw. Now if you have a lot of time, bring your arm back as far as it
will go. If you got less time to throw the ball and you are trying to shorten up on it,
you know bring your arm in a little bit: that way you will get your throw out quicker. Next
is your glove arm. My glove arm is not supposed to just hang there. You also got to use it
also to help point at your target and you got to torque it down so it gives you a little
more power on your throw. The next thing and the final thing is your follow through. Now
when you wind back your arm, after you whip it forward, you don’t want to just leave your
feet planted. That is going to steal some of your power. You want to throw the ball
and follow through, so your back leg should actually kick out. A throw should look a little
something like this and that is how you throw a baseball.

42 thoughts on “How to Play Baseball : How to Throw a Baseball

  1. timmy, he means you are throwing side arm or 3 quarters….. get your arm higher up in the air, and the ball closer to your head, thats what he means

  2. wait there are more ways to throw a baseball then just a forker right? wasn't there something about breaking balls or whetever

  3. what the hell kinda video is this? show the rotation of the ball. at least show one pitch from behind to see how it should be done. brutal video!!!

  4. if ur a pro baseball pitcher,go to the carnival and play where you hit the glass bottles and break it with baseball and you'll win that,

  5. Eh.. I hate it when people teach the arm circle. Do you ever see a pro ball player do that? no. It's like cracking a whip. You need to have a quick change in direction. Do you crack a whip in a circular motion? No…

  6. @TheKnightlyrida My coach taught me the arm circle and we have one of the best baseball programs (high school) in colorado

  7. @mthomas11111 actually baseball was the first sport black ppl were REALLY in to, that phase has just come and gone

  8. @DuGabbertjuhs yes it does. during the winter my school has snowball fights between school clubs, teachers, soccer team, football team, etc. im on the baseball team and we kill everyone 😀

  9. Can someone help me here , my arm is really hurting me everytime i throw , its hurting around my inner elbow area to be specific , idk whether to keep playing to get it stronger or too stop throwing and leave it alone for a bit …. someone helppp mmmeeeee :'(

  10. @MrTemposss you're hyperextending your elbow. Keep just a bit of bend in the joint throughout the throw. And stop throwing until you're healed up.

  11. @vladvlad24 no Canadians play it also and the carribean nations play alot of it aswell get your facts straight david ortiz, Nova and others are good example of players which arent american baseball is diverse

  12. This looks like it can help but i haven't tried it yet baseball season is in febuary and i haven't played since the fourth grade so i hope i dont look stupid on the field

  13. just because it's the national sport doesn't mean were the only ones who play it. Its like saying only Canadians play hockey….

  14. ok? Well, if you think baseball is boring why are you watching a video titled, "How to Throw a Baseball"?

  15. me too. I put a laundry bin in my backyard and tried to throw the ball at it to practice my target, but I miss. I also hit a wiffle ball off a tee as well.

  16. Some reason when I throw the ball, I always do with a 2 Seam Grip rather than a 4 Seam grip Gotta start throwing differently My accuracy is always off a bit.. ahhh

  17. it doesnt matter how you grip it when you play a position. You dont have time to get the grounder, mess around with it, then throw. You get the ball, throw.

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