How to Play Baseball : How to Pitch a Baseball

Hello! This is Adrian Arceo and I’m here with Now we are going to get into some pitching. And when it comes to pitching,
there are two basic forms for pitching. You are either pitching from the windup or the
stretch. We are going to start with the windup. Now when you start pitching from the windup,
you have both feet on the rubber. As you start to pitch, you start with the back step, then
you adjust your foot on the rubber, you have the leg quick, you have the strike forward,
you bring your arm up and we have the follow through. So once again quickly, first you
step back, set up, give me that leg kick, strike forward, bring your arm forward, bring
your arm up and then follow through on the throw. As you are pitching from the stretch,
you kind of skip a lot of those steps. You start off with only one foot on the rubber
already. When you come set, you go straight into the leg kick, and then you are striding
forward, your arm comes up and then you follow through. When you are pitching from the stretch
is when you only have a couple of people on base and you are trying to get your pitch
to the catcher as quick as possible. I’ll show it to you one more time. One foot on
the rubber, got your leg kick, stride forward, you throw and then your follow through. Now
you see there’s a lot more to pitching than just this but these are the two basic formulas
you have to remember if you are going to be a pitcher.

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