How to Play Baseball : How to Hit a Baseball

Hello! My name is Adrian Arceo and I am here
representing Now we are going to talk about the one thing that could
actually make you a hero in this game… and that is hitting. Okay, we are going to start
off with the grip. Now as you are holding the bat, it’s not your palm that holds the
bat, it is your fingers. Okay, as you grip the bat, your knuckles should kind of line
up like this. Okay, this allows your wrist to be a lot more free and less rigid, and
also the grip naturally tightens up as you are going through your swing. You don’t want
to hold the bat too tightly, because then you lock up your wrist; and if you hold it
too loosely, as soon as your bat makes contact with the ball it is just going to shake the
bat in your hands, and your hands are going to shake with it. Don’t worry about your gripping
too tight. Your grip naturally tightens up as you go through your swing so you won’t
throw the bat. The next thing you want to focus on is your feet. Now when you are setting
up before the pitcher throws the ball, you want to have a nice relaxed batting stance.
So look at my back foot. As I start to swing, it is my back foot that actually starts to
pivot. Now what this does is it allows my hips to start opening up, and then your hands
start to come around. You got to make sure to keep your hands inside of the ball. Okay.
So say the pitch is coming to me from here. Okay, you never want your hands out here.
You always want to keep them inside, so you can whip the bat head through and make contact
with the meat of the bat. That will help you drive the ball out and then finally you want
to make sure you have a good follow through on your swing. So you don’t stop your swing
here and then drop the bat and start running. Okay, you swing all the way through the ball,
and your bat just swings all the way to your back. Okay, so a good swing should look something
like this. Okay start with a grip, get ready, load up and then follow through on your swing.
So here is what it would really look like. You want to make sure to maintain balance
as you are swinging, and always keep your eye on the ball. And that is how you swing
a bat.

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