How to Play Baseball : How to Catch a Baseball

Hello! My name is Adrian Arceo and I’m here
with The next thing we are going to talk about is catching a baseball.
I know it seems easy, but there is a lot more to catching a baseball than you think. The
first thing you’ve got to consider is where the ball is coming to you at. So say if it
is coming straight at you, okay, you want your glove sideways in front of your body.
If the ball goes to the outside of your body on your glove arm, you want to turn your glove
like this, and if it is to the other side on your throwing arm, you want to turn your
glove all the way around like this. Also anything pretty much below your waist, you have to
kind of basket your glove down here; and if the ball goes anywhere above your neck or
if you are catching a fly ball, you always want your glove tilted upwards. The next thing
to consider is going out and meeting the ball. When the ball is coming towards you, you never
want to collide with the ball with your glove: that could cause it to pop out. What you want
is to meet the ball where it is landing and bring it in to your body. What that is going
to do is make it easier for you to catch the ball, and also it makes it easier for you
to get the ball to your throwing arm so you make a more smooth transfer. I’ll take a look
at how a good catch would look. You see that I had my glove there ready to receive the
ball, and as soon as I caught it, I brought it inside my body. Let’s take a look at a
bad catch. You see that I went out and I collided with the ball, and what it did was hit the
inside of my palm and it just popped right out. Let’s take another look at a good catch.
You see there I go out and meet the ball and bring it into my body. The last thing you
got to think about is keeping your eye on the ball. If the ball is one foot in front
of your glove, you still got to watch it all the way in your glove. The second you take
your eyes off that ball, you are going to drop it. Let’s take a look at another good
catch. You see that I got up and met the ball and brought it into my body. And that is how
you catch a baseball.

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