How to Play Baseball : How to Bunt: Baseball Hitting Techniques

Hello! My name is Adrian Arceo and I am here
with Now we are going to talk about something that gets overlooked
a lot in baseball and that is bunting. Now why do we bunt? We bunt to move runners over
and score a run. Now bunts start off a lot like a hit. You still set up until the pitcher
comes into his wind up, and quickly you shift into your bunting stance. Now what that means
is that as you are here when you move to your bunting stance, your top hand slides up on
the barrel so it is somewhere towards the middle. Your bottom hand stays put, and then
you start to flatten out the barrel. Your toes, your chest and your eyes are toward
the pitcher. That is for you to get a better view. Now you don’t use your arms to move
the bat up and down when you are bunting. Primarily you want to use your legs, so if
it is a low pitch, you bend your knees more. You go up and you straighten up to go high.
Now your arms in this case work like a rudder on a boat. Your right arm or your higher up
hand is going to be somewhere middle of the back, and your lower hand is going to kind
of steer the bat head. So if you want to go down to first base, you push off so the ball
bounces off the bat head and goes toward first. Same thing towards the third, same thing towards
the pitcher. So this is what is going to direct the bunt. So let’s say you want to bunt it
down third base. The pitcher starts coming towards you, you go into your bunting stance,
your hand slides up and you turn the rudder this way so, as you touch the ball, it goes
down to third base side. If it is slow, again you bend down, and if it is high, you straighten
up. Let’s see how that works. You are set up, the pitch is winding up, he’s about to
throw. Bam! You switch quickly to your bunting stance and then you decide which way you want
to direct it. Say you want it towards first base, you’re here and you come here. The ball’s
low and you come down with it. If it’s high, you stay up with it. All right if it’s down
third base, switch quickly again. If it’s high you come up this way and if it’s low,
this way. Remember this is your rudder. This is what is going to steer, and don’t worry
about being safe on a bunt. This is designed as a sacrifice move. You are doing this for
the team and that is why you bunt.

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