How to Play Baseball : Baseball Equipment

Hello! My name is Adrian Arceo and I am here
with Now we are going to talk about the 3 key pieces of equipment required
to play any baseball game. First you got a bat. Now a bat can be made out of wood or
aluminum. It doesn’t really matter. All you need is something to swing with but the basic
bat looks like this. Now the bat is used by the hitting team and there can only be one
bat on the field at any one time. The bat can be used for swinging, punting, hit and
run: anything required of you in the batters box. The next thing we have is the glove.
Depending on your position you can have a specialized glove. This one for example will be a catcher’s mitt.
Some of
the other special gloves will be the first baseman and also the outfielders. Now the
glove is used
to defend, also used to catch fly balls and catch ground balls. Finally you have the baseball
itself. Can’t play baseball without a baseball. Now if you’ve got yourself a glove, bat and
a ball, all you need is 8 more guys and you’ve
got yourself a baseball game.

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