How to play backhand flick ——Yangyang’s table tennis lessons



(Dịch lời Việt: Vương Khánh Út) YANGYANG
Cải thiện Môn Bóng bàn của bạn Xin chào các bạn trở lại với các bài học bóng bàn của YangYang! Sau khi học về cú hất bóng trên bàn thuận tay hôm nay tôi sẽ hướng dẫn các bạn
that can flick you use a pattern plate wait upon it serves or behind the bar to
your backhand side and the ball is close to the net that’s a technique which can
help you in this rate attack since you are going to play translate at your
backhand side take one spot a under the table when you are approaching to the
bar like a forehand flick because we’re dealing with a short pause here is an
important thing that you want to keep in mind compact the bar after moving which
means you want the body first then hit the bar
some players will make a mistake by moving and reading at the same time like
this there’s something you want to avoid it so moving first then some type of pot first when the pot is coming to you push
your forearm back a little bit 10-yard raced back as well be ready to
feed the pot then when you are going to hit the power and the wrist go forward
and up rushing about when you contacted after
hitting the path stop your stroke at this position you don’t make it too big
because you also need to get ready for the next return always recovering to the
center moving or like back as well yes one thing that I wanted to mention
well you are going to hit the box make sure your stroke close to our body so
that your body can release the strength and impact the more power you can’t have
the point you don’t want to do it like this you want to close to your body as a
starting position and your brace the back as I said before there is only
single grace by moving forward and upwards at the moment you are contacting
the point it started to accelerate it why not doing this besides you don’t want to hold your
racket too tight which are decreased the
flexible when you’re playing that kind of late
you want to relax it make it as another loose when I tell me Baba honestly who have to
open color racket like this angle and the brush it by pushing it upwards to
make it house oh there’s a match it’s a coming ba doesn’t have too much honest
thing we can close our racket and go over the bar by passionate more forward
than upward you want to count as a boss after eight
advance to the highest the pollution and in front of your body this is the contact point let’s check
out my demonstration let’s check out as a player’s
demonstration thanks for watching that’s all the
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will see you guys in my next video bye

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