How to Play a Chop Block Like Koki Niwa

hey guys raise your hand if you click in my video because of Koki Niwa yes he’s a wonderful table
tennis players with all the magic trick shots
and he’s famous for his signature skills which is chop block this chop block
was played by some pen holder players like Liu guoliang and Ma Lin. The biggest
advantage of this technique is it could quickly change the path and the spin of
the ball and the short stroke doesn’t give opponent enough time to react. It is
quite effective in the game even among the high level players. Today I’m going
to introduce you this advanced technique so without a further ado let’s jump
into it. first swing up and back your arm and
the motion is like you are going to do a backhand push. keep your elbow low and racket up when you are going to hit the ball
swing your arm down and forward to your left side and extend your forearm like this third the
range of the movement depends on the coming ball
if the coming bar is really fast and has a lots of topspin, so we want to
do a sharp and quick chop block like this and if the ball is kind of slow and
not too much powerful so we want it extend your forearm longer and to add
some stress on a ball, like this keep your racket angle straight and you could
close it a little bit if you feel the coming ball has lots of topspin because
when we do a regular block we always close our racket angle like
this just in case the ball wouldn’t be too high or go out of the table similar
for the chop block we have to close a little bit if we could accelerate our wrist
quickly when we contact the ball we could really generate a lot heavy, like this. you move up and bring it down. try to catch the ball right after it bounce if you wait too long your block would be too
high easy to get out of the table try to contact the ball at its left
middle part, left part is to generate more side spin and you could also
contact close to the bottom part in order to generate more underspin since it is a shot stroke you don’t
really need to use your whole body weight transfer try to keep your body
in balance this technique is mainly a hand movement all right that’s all for today’s lesson
I hope you enjoy watching it please leave your comments let me know what do
you think about this technique and share your experience of using it don’t forget
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