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How to Pitch Faster One of the most common questions I get asked
is, how can you get my son to throw faster? There are a number of things we can do to
improve arm strength, although people are born with a certain amount of God-given ability
when it comes to arm strength. For one, we can long toss, and when we long
toss we start out at 50 feet and then we move back progressively to 200 to 300 feet so that
we can strengthen our arms. When we’re long tossing, we should throw the
four-seam, the two-seam, and change up grip to get comfortable with these various grips
when holding a baseball. Another thing we can do to improve our velocity
is work on what’s called a scapular load. The scap-load, as we call it, means that we’re
pinching our shoulders back or thrusting our chest out when we get into the high cocking
position of the pitching delivery. Rotation is another component that may increase
velocity by creating torque. We can rotate our shoulders 15 to 20 degrees,
or in the case of Aroldis Chapman of the Cincinnati Reds or Madison Bumgarner of the San Francisco
Giants, there may be a rotation of 50 to 60 degrees. While these rotations do increase torque,
they may also put extra strain on the arm, so it’s important to keep this in mind. Another thing that can be done to improve
velocity and arm strength would be spot drills. By developing clean mechanics and a repetitive
delivery, pitchers can become more efficient and ultimately hit their higher levels of
velocity throughout the game. When considering how to throw faster, there
are various things that players can do off the field to generate more velocity. They can run sprints. They can go to the weight room and do squats
and other strength building activities that might build their core and torso. Medicine ball drills can also be done which
incorporates the hips into the throwing mechanics. And, there are therapeutic bands which are
long plastic bands that enable pitchers to go through a variety of core exercise with
their pitching including internal, external, and a variety of other rotations that will
enable them to be more flexible and develop more arm whip and speed. These are different ways that you can learn
to throw faster.

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  1. PLEASE RESPOND! I am 12 and I play in a 14 year Olds league and the mound is 54 feet from the plate. I am trying pitching since it's my first year of baseball but can only throw 35-40 mph. Help?

  2. My splitter is faster then fastball. My splitter is about 65 and fastball about 51. My splitter has the most nastiest brake ever

  3. Wow all u guys so cool!! My cousin pitches 93 and might be getting drafted in 2016. Been scouted by Marlins Yankees white sox etc

  4. can you train me in baseball to make me a good baseball player .. i like to play in major league.. i live in Philippines .. thank you..

  5. All these 10 yr olds are saying they throw 89 and I'm 16 and I hit 70 but with 0 accuracy. Y'all going pro

  6. My son is 11 almost 12 are coach brought a radar gun. So they used it on my son it showed 81 MPH. How fast would pitch around high school (he's in going into 7th).

  7. Ok guys evryone that is watching this and is a pitcher don't worry about speed right not because that will come with time work and good mechanics so you can do drills and stuff to get faster do those also but it will not happen night and day it will take time work and practice 😀

  8. You want to learn throw faster? Use a larger sized ball for your hand. Try at least two throwing sessions a week with a regulation Softball. Especially as a kid, super way to teach control out of the hand and technique

  9. Im 13 and throw 67-72 on average maxed out on 76 though. thoughts? leave responses i need help on how to throw a changeup

  10. Let’s get real the average high school pitcher throws about 70 mph the average little league 9 year old throws about 42 mph and the average none baseball player is much slower than that so stop lying

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