How to Pitch a Knuckleball | Baseball Pitching

There are a number of ways to throw a knuckle
ball. Most notably pitchers can dig their nails
or knuckles into the ball, and push the pitch towards the catcher. Unlike most pitches were the fingers lead
the way, when a knuckle ball is thrown, the ball leads the way. R.A. Dickey of the New York Mets in 2012, has had
a Cy Young level season by throwing an effective knuckle ball. In the past, pitchers like Tim Wakefield and
Hoyt Wilhelm dominated hitters by throwing an effective knuckle ball. The knuckle ball will dance or float making
it hard for the hitter to make consistent contact with the ball. Most effective knuckle ball pitchers will
create weak ground balls or fly ball outs. R.A. Dickey remarkably has been striking out eight
or more batters in a number of his starts utilizing a knuckle ball. Many catchers struggle to catch the knuckle
ball, because the ball darts and dances in so many different directions, and they will
use a larger glove in order to compensate for this. It’s important that young players not get
caught up throwing a knuckle ball. Otherwise, they will not develop a good fast
ball, change up, or other important pitches. The knuckle ball can be mastered by playing
catch with friends both on and off the field. Tim Wakefield was known to have mastered a
knuckle ball while warming up as a minor league first baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Without doing so, he would have never reached
the major league level. These are some tips on throwing a good knuckle

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