How to Pitch a Breaking Ball | Baseball Pitching

How to throw a breaking ball. There are a number of pitches that would fall
under the category of breaking ball, including curve ball, slider, knuckle
curve, and others. When throwing a breaking ball, it’s very important
that you maintain the same arm slot and arm speed as if you were
throwing a fast ball. Otherwise,
the batter will be tipped off and gain an advantage. It’s also important
that the batter does not see your grip on the baseball. Typically when
throwing a breaking ball, the pointer and middle finger will be pinched
together along a seam of the baseball. If the batter can detect this, it’s
easy for him to know to wait back and hit this breaking pitch. Some other problems that pitchers have when
throwing breaking balls is they will wrap their wrist while throwing the pitch,
or they will twist their wrist upon release. These are techniques that are not effective
and may cause injury. So when throwing a breaking ball, make sure
that we simply grip the ball effectively, go through our
normal arm speed and delivery, and finish properly over that front right
side knee. If you do these things, you will throw an
effective breaking ball.

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