How to Pitch a Baseball : Elbow Up Exercise for Baseball Pitching

Hi! My name is Mike Lumley on behalf of Expert
Village. I am here to teach you pitching. So starting with the hand grip, I prefer that
this part of the horseshoe goes in towards the middle of the body, fingers try to split
the ball having a bit of a center line and thumb is directly underneath on the bottom.
If we put the ball in, we don’t want to choke it too deep. If we choke it too deep, then
we have less accuracy and a lot of drag on the ball which is going to cause less velocity.
So if I take the stripe ball, that will give me a good view on where my fingers should
be placed; dead over the ball dead center and then right over the top. So here we are
going to throw and I will show a little bit of an example of throwing the ball. We are
going to go through a few steps today. The first one we are going to call is basically
elbow up and elbow up is working on the release of the ball. So right now we are going to
start and when we want to throw the ball, we want to make sure that we lead out with
our elbow and release up front. So in this drill, we are going to stand up nice and tall
or sit up tall on our knees, elbows up high as our shoulder and out in front of our shoulder.
All we are trying to do with this drill is work on our release and put a little bit of
zip on the ball.

25 thoughts on “How to Pitch a Baseball : Elbow Up Exercise for Baseball Pitching

  1. im 16, and play high school varsity baseball and im undefeated as a starter (6-0), with a 72-75 mph fastball and a 68 mph curveball, and a splitter that drops off the effing table clocked at 62…my arm is going to take me to college

  2. your kid is obviously a rare talent and i wish him the best of luck but i used to throw a bit harder but my control lacked consistency so i take a little off of it and i hit my spots well. and im not going for D1 scholarship, just maybe a state college or play juco ball here in town, which ive already been contacted to do

  3. at 11 years old, you always run the risk of throwing out your arm or seriously injuring in when you throw breaking balls, i personally know 3 kids who had amazing potential who thought they could throw curves and their baseball careers ended at 12

  4. @ranqerkid if you threw that hard, 1) why are you watching this video? 2) you'd be signed already. did you get clocked accurately? or do you think its 96-98?

  5. This is actually really helpful for me. I was born and raised in Ireland, but moved to the United States after I married an american woman. I became father of a boy three months ago and I wanted to be able to play american sports with him and not only soccer and gaelic football which i used to play back in ireland. I really need to do some intense baseball training to avoid that im going to be my sons bitch when we're playing sports 😉 So thank you for that video buddy!

  6. Remember to keep your elbow up and your wrist floppy at the end when you are pitching a baseball in this free sports instruction video.

  7. @freshhotwater that's pretty slow for 15 year old. Im 13 consistently throwing 75 but have hit 78. People always ask to see a birth certificat at tournaments cuzz I'm 6'4

  8. Why would an "Expert" teach a drill that has improper elbow placement in front of the face causing bad habits and tommy john if you actually released the ball like that?

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