How to Pitch a Baseball | Baseball Pitching

How to pitch a baseball. Most pitchers, when pitching a baseball, go
through a six step delivery. They start with their hands at the zipper
position, take a deep breath, and then take a small step back with their glove
side foot. They then proceed
by pivoting with their throwing side foot and ultimately get into a balance
point position whereby they lift their glove side leg in the air. It’s very important that pitchers do not have
tension in their body during this delivery. Once they’re in the balance point position,
their hands and arms get into what’s called the high-cocking
position. Also known as the
flexed bow position. At which point they’re going to deliver the
baseball while tucking the glove side arm under their
armpit and reaching as far towards the catcher as possible, extending
their arm to get good extension upon releasing the ball with a flat back finish. If you can do this, that’s how you pitch a

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  1. these fundamentals are lacking a lot of important key movements in a proper deliver…you are teaching no drop and drive after the balance point…your pitcher is simple falling fowards off of the rubber cuasing him to lose a lot of velocity and causing strain on his arm

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