How to overcome failure in baseball [MENTAL TOUGHNESS]

Yo, what’s going on guys? We’re going to talk
about mental toughness and how it relates to baseball today. I think it’s very important
to be mentally tough if you’re a baseball player. Nobody likes a sissy out there on
the field, right? But what do you think about when you think of someone who is mentally
tough or someone who is just tough in general you know. I automatically envision someone
who is like taking a beating and just keeps coming and keeps getting up. That’s someone
who is tough, right? So mentally tough is, that would be physically tough, but mentally
tough is the same thing. Mentally you’re taking a beating and you just keep going and you
grow tougher and stronger from that experience, right? The resistance that you get from the
game, the failures that you get from baseball, and baseball is a game of failure, right?
The best hitters in the game are failing 7 out of 10 times. So, you’re going to have
a lot of resistance, you’re going to have a lot of failure that your mind has to go
through, but those resistance, that resistance, think about it like lifting weights, when
you’re lifting weights you’ve got the resistance of the weights, right, and you’re pushing
those weights away from you, or pulling them towards you, whatever you’re doing, but you
have that resistance and what does that resistance do? It makes you stronger. It makes you grow
stronger. So, the resistance that you get from failure is like God’s or the Universe’s
resistance. It’s making you stronger. Those experiences are making you stronger. So, to
be mentally tough, you have to go through that. You know, I’m sorry, there’s no easy
way to put it. You know, you’ve got to overcome those things. You’ve got to persevere, you
have to go through that to become more mentally tough and if you can whether the storm, you’re
going to be a stronger person because of it and this doesn’t just go for baseball. It’s
very important for baseball because baseball is a game of failure but it goes in life as
well. So, think about that the next time you strike out, you know, don’t get so beat up
on striking out or getting out. If you think about it this way where you go “hey, that
was the Universes resistance so that I can overcome it and become a stronger person,
a better player”. When you think about it that way, that really changes the way you
can approach the game and you’re going to be a better player because of it. I hope this
video helps some of you guys. Share it for me and keep being mentally tough. If you found
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16 thoughts on “How to overcome failure in baseball [MENTAL TOUGHNESS]

  1. Thanks for this. I am 14 and played my second game on saturday. I was facing the Great Britain under 17's pitcher who was not supposed to play because of he is older than the age barrier. I struck out three times and really beat myself up about it. For my next game on saturday I will have this mindset. Thank you for helping. From Cheshire, England.

  2. Baseball is a game of failure. Even for pitchers. The resistance will make you stronger, I like that! It's so true.

  3. I am a 44 year old amatuer hardball player and this lesson is so true. In Baseball and in Life. Thats why I love the game, and life.

  4. I'm mentally tough where I don't let anything get in my way and i will out work anyone to be the best but when it comes to game time i get nervous and i can't control it what can I do to avoid that?

  5. I'm 18 and I just got cut from my counties Juco team.  It was super disappointing because i gave up a D3 soccer scholarship to play baseball at juco and hopefully advance with baseball.  I'm looking for another way to get on a different juco team for the spring, but are there and great drills that you could give me that help hitting?

  6. Thanks man, I have a game tonight and I will definitely keep this in mind! Great Video! Keep up the good work 👍🏼

  7. I had a game where I was warming up for a start and I threw 5 wild pitches in a row. But instead of pouting I made great plays at first and swung the bad well. Sometimes you just have to laugh it up

  8. I just got sent down for overthrowing the catcher from center field. Its the one time I've messed up out of 4 games. I'm feeling mad, but also sad. Idk if its permanent, but I just feel like I failed and idk how to overcome this feeling. Like I feel like I've failed a bunch of people. On the other hand, I'm mad at the only reason the coaches sent me down…which is that they don't like me. Any help is great 🙁

  9. Hey John, really liked the video, im currently playing JUCO but the stress of all of it is really getting to me and i fee like im putting a ton of pressure on my self and am expecting my best 100% of the time. Any advice you might be able to give me to help relieve the stress and to bring back the fun??

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