How to Organize Jewelry, Purses, Hats, & Scarves In The Closet

Hi everyone. So in this video, I’m going to
share with you guys how to organize all of your jewelry and your accessories inside your
closet. So your accessories means like your purses, your scarves, sunglasses, and any
hats that you might have. OK. So this is where I have all of my jewelry
and accessories inside my closet. I’m just going to quickly go up and down and show you
guys what it looks like. I’m not going to give you guys a full closet tour in this video,
just my jewelry and accessories but I’ll do a closet tour in the future. But this shelving,
this was here when we moved in. It’s made by IKEA so I’ve been kind of just adding parts
and pieces to kind of make it fit the clothes that I have or the accessories and jewelries
I have. So let me just show you guys what I’ve done.
OK. So what I did on the side of the closet is add this pullout hooks for all of my necklaces.
Now, if you don’t have the same shelving inside your closet then you probably can’t get the
same hooks. But what you can do is you can just still mount hooks on the side of your
closet. They’re out of the way. They keep the necklaces from tangling and it’s a good
use of your vertical space. I did the same thing on this side. I added
the same hooks for all of my necklaces. So now, it’s just really easy to grab the necklace
I’m looking for and then put it back when I’m done wearing it. OK. So for all my earrings, my rings, my bracelets,
my belts, jewelry cases, sunglasses, basically any small accessory that you don’t want to
lose in your closet, I gathered all those and I got these jewelry tray organizers. I’m
not sure if they were made for jewelry but they’re tray organizers from Michaels, the
craft store. They were like $2 to $3 each on clearance so it’s a great price. I got
them because I like them. They were bright colors and they’re nice and open so you can
immediately just like come to the shelf and just scan for what you’re looking for and
immediately see and grab what you need. So it’s very visible. They’re bright, they’re
fun, and it just holds all the small things in your closet and they just fit nicely on
this shelf. OK. And so for all my scarves, I just got
a rod that fit with the shelving and I tied the scarves around the rod and then hang them.
So now, they’re just – like I immediately see them when I walk inside the closet and
they’re really easy to grab and they’re easy to hang back once I’m done wearing it. And so, what else I did here in this space
which you can’t really see here is I put another rod in the back of the closet so you can kind
of see with this shelving, they have – there are pegs in the front, there are pegs in the
middle, and then there are pegs all the way in the back. I’m not sure if you can see that
or not. But since there are pegs in the back, I decided to do a rod in front of a rod which
you can probably do this with other shelving if they have the same set up with the pegs
and stuff. But I put a rod behind a rod for like more
storage space back there. And then – see, this is only – you can only do this with an
IKEA thing but this one, this was like a specialty rod. I had a rod coming out so I figure, “Oh,
this is perfect to hang like all of my hats here.” So that rod back there has this rod
here and this rod here hangs all of my hats. So they’re kind of in the back behind the
scarves. So it just makes amazing space all the way back there. And then the same thing over here, I did – this
one had another rod coming out and I did purses back here so it’s just really easy access
to purses like smaller purses. And then back here, I have a clutch. I have another clutch
which I don’t why it’s not there right now but it just stays here also. So it’s kind
of like a mini shelf for smaller things back there. So like I said, you can’t really do this with
your everyday shelving but if you have IKEA shelving, it’s going to totally work. So a
rod behind a rod to create extra storage space. OK. And so at the very top of my closet, I
have a big duffel bag where I keep larger purses that I don’t use every day but I just
use on like certain occasions. Like they’re bigger bags and not like the clutch or the
smaller bags I just showed you guys in the hooks. They’re just bigger bags that I just
kind of nest inside of each other. So I don’t use this every day. They’re probably used
like seasonally. Like this is use in the summer and then there is another black bag. There’s
a pink bag. So yeah, so purses that I do use on occasion but I don’t need easy access to
them. OK. So that’s how I’m organizing everything
inside my closet like my jewelry and my accessories. I hope these tips were helpful. If you have
a different way of organizing jewelry and accessories and you want to share it with
us, leave a comment below. Let us know. Or create a video response and show us exactly
what you do inside of your closet. So that is everything I have for you guys.
I will see you soon. Bye. 2

100 thoughts on “How to Organize Jewelry, Purses, Hats, & Scarves In The Closet

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  2. Thank you for sharing your great organizing tips! I have half the size of your closet space but I can see how I can expand it with the way you set up hooks for your jewelry and hats/purses. For my scarves, I just hang 3-4 of them over a hanger for easy access (I use a non-slip hanger.) I think the trays are a great idea and will try to get them. Thanks! 🙂

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  27. I don't have the luxury of the room that you have, but however, I find that NO jewelry box no matter the size, can fit all of my jewelry.  Not even the accessory tray organizers.  I finally recently just found a solution.  The Container Store has a sturdy plastic box with dividers.  You can make the spaces long or regular size.  Believe it or not, it fit ALL of my earrings and rings.  All assorted by colors!  It has 2 latches close it and I find it to be WONDERFUL!  I bought a smaller box with snap handles for boxes of jewelry that need to stay in the box.  I bought a 2 bigger sturdy plastic boxes; one for necklaces and one for bracelets.  I have everything assorted by color and in separate zip lock baggies.  Works SO well!  These containers fit into my dresser drawer and make finding stuff easy!

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