How To Master The Mental Game Of Baseball – Craig Sigl

Mastering The Mental Game Of Baseball
I’m Craig Sigl, the mental toughness trainer here to teach you how to master the mental
game of baseball. Do you question or doubt yourself and your
abilities? Do you often hear a little voice in your head
says such things as: 1. What if I strike out? 2. What if this guy knows my weakness? 3. I’m not sure my ankle is ready to play yet
4. What if I can’t get out of this slump? 5. Will I get pulled if I don’t get this next
guy out? You see, the big problem with baseball players’
mental game is they don’t answer these questions or dispute the little voice…they just allow
it to rule them. The next time you think something like:
“I’m not sure I can come through here” SHUT IT DOWN with an answer! Come up with some truth that blows that little
voice out of the water …like this for a hitter
“What if I choke here with men on base, will I go back to sitting the bench?” Answer that voice with something like:
I OWN THIS GUY, he’s mine and I CAN and WILL rip this ball into a gap….and then
in your mind’s eye, imagine the ball already rolling to the wall for a double. Or maybe this if you’re a pitcher:
“I’ve got to strike this guy out or I’ll be in trouble”
Answer it loudly inside your brain with: “No I don’t, I’m just going to make a great
pitch to the catcher’s glove that keeps him off timing and gets him to make a weak
out. Pitcher’s have got to get out of that mindset
of thinking you have to strike everyone out. You don’t! Jamie Moyer has proven that over 24 seasons
in the majors with a fastball that only averages 81.6 mph. Batters: you know that standing up there at
the plate with confidence is the surest way to connect…and you have TOTAL control over
that. All players must constantly be aware of that
little voice of doubt and when it shows up…blow it up and you will master the mental game
of baseball. Go to for free training
on how to perform under pressure.

8 thoughts on “How To Master The Mental Game Of Baseball – Craig Sigl

  1. Noticing and commenting on what they did right is such a powerful thing to do for your kids and easy to forget! Thanks for taking the time to watch and comment!

  2. This is the truth. I have doubt's in my mind whether I can catch that pop-up or whether i can make that throw and i just visualize myself at practice with no pressure where i excel at and apply it to a game situation. good stuff

  3. Love the video! Some great tips! Love the mental game of baseball. People do not understand the importance of it!

  4. I've been away from the game 30 years, played D1 came back to the game that I once loved because of my seven year old boy who is now in baseball for the first time. WOW! have things changed I see kids which I help coach go into mental melt downs over the smallest things and the parents seem to think it's cute! I pity these children who learn the wrong way. Love, respect and earn your way to the top. throwing helmets after a strike out at 7 well get you no where. It's a kids game. WOW! to much TV

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