How to make Foosball – football table game from cardboard ⚽

A table top football game Let’s do this cardboard soccer craft!! Make body of the player Make the arena with cardboard and green velvet paper Make long sticks Drill holes for the sticks Make the goal post Limit the player’s movement Enjoy playing football with DIY Ocean’s new game!! Like and Subscribe to DIY Ocean

100 thoughts on “How to make Foosball – football table game from cardboard ⚽

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  3. Wow , again a very cool video . Look also at my new cardboard safe and comment below what do think about it:

  4. I would do it in the following way, three defenses back and three central ones in front plus the goalkeeper for a total of seven because I see the defense and attack area very unequal and unprotected or I would make it bigger and thicker as possible for a total of two players eleven against eleven

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  6. Very interesting version of table football! The class. Only this is probably expensive. There are two kinds of cardboard table football on my channel. Playing is not only interesting, but also cheap.

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