How to Make Cricket Energy Bars

– Today we are making cricket energy bars. I know, crazy. I’m Marlon Doll and this
is Bachelor on a Budget. We are making cricket
energy bars because crickets have a ton of protein, are sustainable, and I don’t think they taste that bad. So I found these at the grocery store. Yup, I know. A normal grocery store. It’s becoming a thing. And I saw these crickets and
I figured I should try them. This recipe is quite
similar to my Larabar recipe which you can check out right up there. I’ll show you what this looks like. We are going to be using these guys to make energy bars packed
with nutrition and protein. Not much flavor at all. Pretty neutral, but tons of nutrition. So this is not my first time trying bugs and I know this is actually
quite a normal thing for people to eat. Maybe not in North America but I am in no way squeamish to this. Even 20 years ago people’s
thought of raw fish, sushi, was uh-uh. So let’s do this. We’re doing one cup of
our critter friends. One cup, in. Half cup of almonds. Half cup of cashews. Now you can use any type of nuts. You can use all cashews, all almonds, or all peanuts. But I’m going with a blend. Two tablespoons of coconut oil. Half cup of chia seeds. And two cups of pitted dates. Now we’re gonna pulse the heck out of it. (pulses) Okay. That is done pulsing. So we pulsed that for a couple minutes. So we’ve got our completed mixture and we’re just going to put that into a square glass baking dish and then we’ll just spread that out. Just go ahead and flatten that. (upbeat music) And that was super easy. And it is going to be the most energetic energy bars you’ve ever had. Those chia seeds and those crickets. That’s a guarantee. So we can throw this in the fridge. I’m going to leave it in
there for about an hour and then after I can start slicing them up and putting them away. Let’s take this out of the fridge. Okay. (slicing) Take these and wrap these up. I took them out a bit
early but that’s okay. They’re a little crumbly
but they will form. Because the chia seeds in there will still pick up some of that moisture. Man, I almost forgot that
there is crickets in here. Okay, I’m going to have a bite. Mmm. So much delicious flavor. Lots of crunch going on from those seeds. Chia seeds. Not too sweet. It’s just how I like it. These are great. And they are just so much nutrition. (upbeat music) Thank you guys for watching. I hope there’s no
cricket legs in my teeth. Probably is. But I don’t see any in here. If this is your first time here, thank you for watching. If you like this video, you’ll probably like the other ones I got so hit that subscribe button and leave a comment down below. Let me know what you want to see me make and if you have any
suggestions for this recipe go on ahead and put it down there. Thanks guys.

18 thoughts on “How to Make Cricket Energy Bars

  1. My roommate went to Mexico and brought some crickets back, it doesn't taste bad at all! It pretty much takes the flavor of whatever you mix with it… That being said, I prefer the look of them when they're blended than when they're just out of the bag!! :p

  2. I found your channel through your moqueca recipe. Do you have any other Brazilian recipes in mind for the future?

  3. Awesome! It is like a Larabar and has crickets in it! Sold! I am going to try this for a mid race/training snack for my mountain bike exploits.

  4. I would love to try. Never eat insects before. Anyway, insects have been in our diet for a very long time. Commonly in South East Asia, Africa & Brazil. The reputation of eating insect is overly ridiculed

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