How to Make a Tackle in Football : Where to Hit When Tackling in Football

Hi this is Sean Hobson for Expert Village.
What we want to talk about right now is the proper placement of your body on the opposing
player’s body when making a good tackle. Of course, the first thing we have got to do,
always, when making a good tackle is start with a good base. You want to get your butt
under yourself and have that good base. Then when you’re ready to explode into the player
you have got to be sure to wrap up in the proper spot. You never want to come up and
hit a player up high. For one, if they are a big running back like this guy is, they
are just going to hit you, they’re going to shed you, and you’re not going to be able
to make the tackle. Also, this is a hard place to wrap up, up around here. It’s a lot easier
to wrap up around the waist, or around the legs. You want to make sure and put your outside
shoulder into the player that you’re wrapping up. You never want to take your head and lead
in with your head. First of all, you’re going to cause injuries, and secondly, you can pick
up penalties for spiking into the center of a person’s chest. So you always want to place
your head to the outside and you want to get that shoulder in, you want to wrap up down
low and then you’re going to drive through the tackle and that is the proper way that
you place your body on the opposing player when you’re making a tackle.

99 thoughts on “How to Make a Tackle in Football : Where to Hit When Tackling in Football

  1. not really im 15 and play competitive high school football im starting defensive end and we are 5-0 these kids are small as fuck compared to guys i go against

  2. well friggin good for you man, going on the internet and insulting people who dare to be non judgmental. Makes you tough.

  3. your so dumb its not even funny first off thats how you cripple yourself second you cant seem to spell beyond a first grade level

  4. your really stupid man practice what you preach. and i said numbers dumb fuck facemask into numbers is not a helmet to helmet waiting to happen genius

  5. nvm man, your clearly too slow to understand what I'm saying, just re-read the comments and don't waste my time with your stupidity

  6. I've played football all my life and have followed one rule when tackling. BITE THE FOOTBALL and then everything else falls into place.

  7. i never talked about your spelling once, so clearly you didn't learn how to read like I suggested in my earlier comment.

  8. I'm not very familiar with football (or what you call as "handegg"), but I know that it is called "football" because the ball is a foot long.
    You're welcome.

  9. I know why is it called football. But look at it like this: For which sport is it more logical to be called football? The one where you kick a ball with your foot? Or the one where it's played with hands, but the ball is long 30 cm and in dumb American bullshit measures it's called a foot.

  10. Actually for all you soccer fans calling football handegg. Actually in hand egg/american football we do use out feet. so thats why dumb bitches!

    Kick off> PAT> Field goal> Punt.

  11. For the majority of the time, you have the ball on your hands. If the ball leaves your hands, then it either an incomplete or fumble. In soccer, you control the ball with your feet, other than the goalie. My point is, whoever named American Football, could have been more original. I love both football and soccer.

  12. it wasn't 'named' American Football. 'Football' is a generic name for the sport(s) that evolved from the earliest form of football. Different regions developed their own codes of football, and as the game evolved, eventually you have multiple codes like today. 'American Football' refers to Football by American Codes. There's also Canadian, Australian, Gaelic, etc codes that are referred to as 'football' in their respective regions. In NZ, 'football' refers to rugby.

  13. I understand what you are saying. However, from my understanding, soccer is the oldest sport out of rugby and football. Rugby was inspired by soccer, and football was then inspired by rugby. You know what, this isnt important lol ill stop here.

  14. No, Soccer is the merger of several codes, and developed in parallel to Rugby Football. American Football evolved out of Rugby, and Rugby diverged into Union and League.

  15. There's one big thing you missed is that you all ways want to put ur facemask on he ball because that will most likely cause. A fumble and if there is a time u have to hit fast dip low shoot ur hands and grab high cloth.

  16. As a guy who is coming from rugby to play football just look up how to tackle in rugby and its boom you just learned how to tackle in 30 secs

  17. hey me too!! just the same here. I'm a blind side flanker (6). i've been asked to play for ghent university but since i wanna further my education in the US , ill be a tight end. just because i like the sound of that position

  18. I play for ann arbor maize varsity and my first game is coming up can someone give me tips for corner back and safety

  19. This dosnt really help cause all the forward motion and force of your opponent is to fast , you wont be able to make the tackle and just youll fall back

  20. Dude screw this. I hit helmet-to-helmet and I'm a 13 year old ILB 5'1 121 lbs Junior Varsity and I wreck every time. This shoulder-to-gut stuff is for wimps.

  21. Can someone tell how the freshman football system work. Do you practice a lot at first and start late in the schools year

  22. I play for the manteca chargers on varsity im 4;9 im 12 years old I play runningback and go head to head trucking people in my way and ur players suck

  23. Thanks so much! I am going to play football for the first time and i didn't know how to tackle  until i saw your video. This helped so much.

  24. WRONG head has to go when the ball is because. 1. More fumbles
    2. They cannot spin on you if you're head is on the side of the ball. I'm 200 lbs 6'0. Mike line backer (strong side) i know what I'm doing

  25. That's bullshit tackle with your chest don't put your head beside there legs cause they can just SMACK YOUR HEAD INTO THE GROUND

  26. And I'm outside on defense special teams starting 120 pd peewee and I'm starting outside linebacker and runningback I just can push your head into the ground

  27. Nope proper way is to put your helmet into the center of their shoulder pads with a low base and wrap your hands around the lower part of their back. Also never put your head straight down that causes concussions keep your head pointing up looking at their helmet and drive your hips.

  28. Retired highest level rugby player, have to say that straight away because otherwise my facts don't mean anything. Rugby method is being introduced by teams like Seahawks. Here's why the comment section doesn't have a clue.
    1. "Tackle to the side ball is" – safety:stand point having the head across will cause collisions into the side of the head with increased concussion and loading of the neck into the start of the necks vertabrae. Play: more extreme angle of close down makes stepping inside easier and creates a weak inside shoulder as core has moved past point of contact.
    2. "Hit with your chest" safety: this forces your body and spine upright, collisions will cause whip lash effect in neck. Play: the angle of contact is too steep, increased chance of being run over or fended.
    3. "Hit center of pads with your head" safety: axial loading increased massively (neck breaking chance increase). Play: gives ball carrier 3 options for going past you left or right or straight over.

  29. look up big shows spear. I hit like that except I go under there stomach. and lunge up with my leg strength. if you do this you can pick then up. I sqaut 350 so its easy for me

  30. IU football tickets but it's pretty fun talking but I do you make yeah I don't know why I said that but football and football is like my life and you guys are dressed helpful I guess I'm sorry if I said the wrong I don't have time to fix it but I meant to say you guys are the best and football is fun I guess to have to say

  31. I was told that stay low keep your head up first drive your shoulder pads in the player where the numbers is at than wrap up am I wrong

  32. In a real game there is no time to make sure you put your facemask on the ball. This is a great video showing tackling position that can be used at game speed

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