How to Live Stream Premier League, Cricket and F1 for $8/yr

Now I’ll reveal the best kept secret of online sports streaming. Are you tired of not having access to the English Premier League, F1 races and Cricket? Want to save hundreds of dollars when streaming your favorite sports from anywhere in the world? We’ve got a way to stream all those games for around $8 a year! Many sports leagues can cost over a hundred dollars for a package to stream the full season. With SaferVPN, there’s a trick that lets you stream some of the world’s best sports leagues in HD for almost nothing from Star Sports – no matter where you are in the world. How about the entire Cricket World Cup for just $2? Or the full English Premier League, La Liga and Italian Serie A for just $8? If you’re lucky, you’ll even get all the F1 races included as a bonus with your package! Streaming from Star Sports is only available in India but with SaferVPN you get an Indian IP address so you can watch the games wherever you are! Here’s how to take advantage of these packages. Start with opening SaferVPN. Select the Indian server and connect. Notice how I get a new IP address. Browse into and click on Subscribe in the top right corner. The deals vary from day to day so it could be worth checking back from time to time for the best offer. Usually there’s an ‘All Sports’ package for just $8. Once you’ve purchased a package, just login and click on Live Pro to stream all the games. Scroll down a little and you’ll see a schedule of all the available matches. There we go! Now Star Sports is unblocked and you can stream any soccer, cricket or F1 game you want! Get SaferVPN today at to unblock all your favorite sports wherever you are! Make sure to follow us on social media. If you have any issues, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you’ve got at [email protected]

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