How To Know Your Glove Size Measure Your Hand

how to know your glove size find glove size measure your hand hi it’s alaskagranny do you have some
plastic gloves well I have some and I want to tell you why you should have
some too for emergency first aid prepping survival needs these gloves are mediguard select you can
get any kind you want the point is that you get some gloves for your emergency stockpile and the reason you need
disposable gloves is because you don’t want to be using your bare hands for anything like
blood vomit body fluids diseases germs there’s a way you can figure out what
size of gloves you want you don’t just look at your hand and guess and they
don’t let you open the gloves and decide so what you want to do is find the widest
part of your palm of your hand and take a string any string and wrap it around the widest
part of your hand dominant hand then measure that string on the ruler and see how large the
circumference is of your palm of your hand is and if your hand measures it’s between seven and eight inches then
that’s a size small if it’s between 8 and 19 inches it’s a size medium glove 9 and 10 inches is
large and anything larger than 10 would be extra large gloves these happen to be medium gloves I
like them a little larger because they’re looser they’re easier to get off
and on and then they’re more likely to fit other people in my family than just
me measure your hand correctly to order gloves that fit proper glove size learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel

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