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Hello viewers.. Welcome to Nothing But Cricket Am gonna talk about bat speed increment drills in this video generally if you wanna increase your hand power , you can hit the gym but for increasing the bat speed there are some specific drills about which am going to talk in this video before going into the video.. please do subscribe and also press the bell symbol to get instant updates lets go in to the video First drill is DOUBLE BAT SWING you must use two bats with almost same weights.. and play horizontal bat shots holding those two bats.. so take two bats with equal weight and grip the bat like you were holding a single bat when you do this drill your batspeed will increase for sure because when you use two bats your muscle power will increase since you are handling heavier object It is a complementary action the heavier object suppress the swing so to overcome that your muscles will develop if you do the swing with real intent after doing double bat swing for a while, immediately play cross bat shots with someone bowling under-arm so when you play crossbat shots with single bat you will feel drastic change.. **Summing up previously said facts** after double bat swing what you gotta do is make it as a 15*3 sets so you might do double bat swing 45 times during each session splitting into sets eases your muscle pressure after doing 15 counts, play horizontal bat shots as i said earlier trust me you’ll find change in your batspeed so by this way you can increase the batspeed quickly if you do it on a regular basis your bat speed will increase significantly While practicing this bat speed drill ask the person who throws the ball to stay low Coz when you are going to play pull shot in match ball is not going to come from above your eye sight level so if the thrower stays low it’ll help you in match situation by having good hand-eye co-ordination if the thrower stays high you will find it difficult to get adapt in matches one thing you must remember when you do double bat swing don’t use very heavy bats coz it might lead to backpain know your level and buy a bat accordingly now we can move on to Thera band stretches… using this band you can do various exercises knowing its purpose is very important.. am gonna talk about two exercise which will improve bat speed first exercise is for bottom hand (right hand for right hand batsmen) Tie the band to a static object Hold the other hand back and just do the drives as if you are batting so by doing this you can strengthen your forearms which leads to improved and quick bottom hand swing it’ll make hitting six easier Now lets move on to top hand hold your other hand behind and just play drives (pretend as if) this will strengthen your top hand strengthening of hand is due to the forward motion of the hand against the resistive pull of the elastic band one important point to remember is… while pulling the band do it with vigor and release the band slowly to avoid cramping I hope you guys find this video useful this is the first of many videos regarding batspeed don’t forget to like this video.. and subscribe for more videos thanks for watching ! Keep supporting !

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  1. Bro epdi solid defense and stroke for full length and short ball aadanumnu solunga bro athu enaku suthama varala short ball stroke vaika poi frequent AH out aaguren keeper catch……six four adika matum tha soluvingala ithuku solunga bro

  2. Anna nan oru right hander batsman. Enaku front foot defence nala panumpothu my right hand is too much of bend what can I do for it

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  4. bro unga videos la konja naal ha pakkuran…nalla panringa bro…unga home enga bro iruku…i am from Chennai near Koyambedu

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