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Hello viewers welcome to “Nothing But Cricket” Am going to talk about pace increment techniques for pace bowlers in ths video I might have done this video long back But I referred with my pacer friends who represented state team along with me for better clarity Now I’m clear with the drills for pace generation Before going in to the video please do subscribe and press the bell symbol so that you’ll get notification whenever i post a video Lets get in to the video First let me list out the instances where the pace can have a drop pace might drop at 4 instances… first one is the run-up if you don’t have a straight runup.. or if your runup has two or more unnecessary hops there might be drop in pace.. the purpose of runup is to gather momentum but if you loose momentum in runup pace won’t be generated so that’s the first instance second one is the delivery stride that’s the leap you do near the popping crease that stride should be stable and should be balanced after landing if you loose balance then the pace might drop there a bit.. you gather pace in the runup and loose the momentum after the delivery stride the pace generation becomes difficult after that third one is the non-bowling arm pull during release the hand with which you don’t bowl is called as non bowling arm always you have to pull the non bowling arm with some vigor while bowling if you don’t put effort with the non bowling arm then pace generation becomes difficult the fourth instance where you could loose your pace is at the release point **summing up previously said cases** Now let’s see the rectification and optimization techniques for the flaws coz of which we loose pace let’s start with runup.. most people do two common mistakes in the runup first one is doing unnecessary hops in the runup.. it restricts the momentum gathering factor coz of this you”ll loose pace second one is having a zig-zag runup instead of straight runup you can rectify this by drawing a straight line from the popping crease and running over the drawn line this might straigten your runup in a period of time and little by little you will gather pace now I’ll show you the example of all three types the second and third problems are Delivery stride slip up and less intense non bowling arm pull we have a common drill for these two problems so I’ll discuss about these two together delivery stride should be smooth so that you don’t wanna loose all the momentum gathered in runup so you should focus on smooth stride and elegant landing so test your delvirey stride before taking the runup so that you can carry the momentum in the delivery stride and when it comes to non bowling arm, there should be vigor in the non bowling arm pull during release the speed of the non bowling arm pull is proportional speed of the bowling arm swing so you have to focus more on the non bowling arm non bowling arm action is combined with the delivery stride while bowling.. so it has a common drill now i’ll show you that drill you can use the space that is next to the nets for this drill what you gotta do is just have a delivery stride and swift non bowling arm action and release the ball WITHOUT RUNUP you gotta do this 15-20 times and the bowl 5-6 balls with runup then again do this drill and it goes on when you do this drill frequently your delivery stride and non bowling arm action will get better now you can watch the drill! After focusing one the first three now it’s time for release point optimization It is the final part of your bowling which has to carry over all the momentum generated previously in to the delivery already I’ve said about thera band use in the Bat speed increase video similarly we can use thera band to get better release of the delivery from the bowling arm after using the theraband and strengthening the bowling arm you can see lot of improvement in release so along with previously discussed three criteria the release will also get better so that no momentum is lost now let’s see the theraband stretches tie the band in your shoulder height hold both the handles of the band at first you have to do with the non-natural side if you are a right hand bowler you should do this drill in the left for the first time so that you can maintain an equal number of counts in both sides if you over do in either of the hand then there will be improper muscle growth so maintain equal counts on both sides since am a right hander I’ll start with my left use the other hand like you are using your non bowling arm while bowling this is how you have to do it.. now the natural side think that you are holding a ball so that you will focus more this stretches will enhance your bowling arm strength and helps for a swift release this will help you to take the momentum into the delivery thera band got 3 levels of flexibility you should know your level of strength which suits your physique and buy it buy it in shops instead online coz knowing the level of strength of the theraband is important before buying so buy a band which suits you thanks for watching the video no one can bowl 140kmph overnight It takes months of hard work with the provided drills to improve your pace to good level If everyone can bowl maximum speed in one day then everyone can play for the nation focus on one drill at a time and shuffel the drills everyday when you master them individually you can move on to integrated practice session of all drills by doing these drills you can improve the pace step by step immediate increase in pace is not possible practice hard and grow steadily please do subscribe and don’t forget to press the bell symbol thanks for watching… keep supporting !!

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